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On being lost and what’s weird at Campbell Mithun (An Intern Reports)

Posted by: Laura Romer  
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Laura RomerI still haven’t found which bus stop, closest to Campbell Mithun, will supposedly lead me home.

My internal sense of direction is severely broken, or maybe it was just never there to begin with.  Even the all-knowing Google and I can never agree where we both are. Unsurprisingly, it took me a couple tries to find my cubicle.  I’ve come to the reluctant conclusion that it does not, in fact, move, and it’s just me.

I’m just really good at being lost.

Whenever someone asks me about my time here so far at Campbell Mithun, I invariably start, ramble intermittently, and conclude with "it’s just very weird."   Now, don’t misunderstand me.  I love weird.  After all, I’m representin’ the “Keep Austin Weird” part of this country, y’all.

I think it’s weird because I have absolutely no idea what is going on here.

They let us sit at the same table as the grown-ups.  They send us emails intentionally.  They give us feedback on our work for real clients.  They even have us developing a campaign as a team for the local non-profit Cornerstone.

Have these people lost their minds?  No. 

People here just really want us to learn.  I know, I shouldn’t sound so shocked.  But to be in an environment where it’s okay that you don’t know what you’re doing most of the time and be paid for it, is kindly weird.  And they let you come back the next day to do it all again.

I guess we'll know we’re doing something right until something goes wrong. 

Another intern and I were in a creative meeting, and it was rather quiet.  I asked if we could say things.  As interns.  Executive Creative Director Reid Holmes responded along the lines of, “If you’re too afraid to say something stupid, you’re in the wrong place.”

I get it.  Here at Campbell Mithun: Everything Talks.  Even the interns.

Now, if only I could find my bus stop.

- Laura Romer, Haphazard Lucky 13 Copywriter Intern 

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written by Athena Feldshon, June 19, 2012
It's' so exciting to hear about the Lucky13 Program from the inside! I'm going to be a junior in college and have been waiting to apply to this program for years! I look forward to reading more of your articles.

Thank you!

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