Jan 27

Campbell Mithun to address “Sharing Economy” trend in next live-streamed #Talkinar

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View Talkinar invite and register:  http://bit.ly/xWspab

MINNEAPOLIS – Minneapolis agency Campbell Mithun will host a live-streamed online conversation about the new Sharing Economy trend and its implications for marketers. The interactive Talkinar event includes a panel of experts from organizations currently tapping this “collaborative consumption” movement as well as agency leaders who will release results of Campbell Mithun’s just-completed quantitative Sharing Economy consumer survey. The agency partnered with Carbonview Research to conduct the national study.

Guests will watch the conversation via live-streamed video and can participate via online chat or #talkinar on Twitter.

Topic: The Sharing Economy:  Are Marketers Missing Out?
Date:    Wednesday, February 8, 2012  
Time:    1-2 pm (CST) 
View invitation / register:   http://bit.ly/xWspab 
To participate:  On event day simply visit www.cmithun.com/talkinar  

“What better way to learn about the Sharing Economy than to share in an interactive discussion with people representing all sides of this movement?” said Campbell Mithun president Rachael Marret. “Marketers have for the most part observed this trend from the sidelines; it’s time to understand it and identify implications for our clients and our industry.”

Panel of Experts
The following discussion hosts will provide from-the-trenches points of view and respond to questions and comments from online Talkinar participants:

Lee Aase, director of Mayo Clinic’s Center for Social Media: Lee will address how sharing information on a business-to-business platform supports Mayo Clinic's brand objectives.
Ellen Apel, marketing manager, NiceRide MN: Ellen will offer the viewpoint of an organization powered by consumer sharing.
Micki Krimmel, founder and CEO, NeighborGoods: Micki will participate remotely in the live chat, sharing an expert POV about the consumer-sharing reality.
Lynn Franz, director of strategic planning, Campbell Mithun: Lynn will present new proprietary consumer research on the Sharing Economy and reveal insights important to marketers.
Rachael Marret, president and director of integrated client services, Campbell Mithun: Rachael will guide the discussion and weigh in with the marketer's perspective.

In addition, the conversation will include video comments from Vijay Iyer, vice president of corporate communications at OnStar (sponsor of RelayRides) and Kyle Coolbroth, founder of CoCo (co-working and collaborating space).

About the Talkinar Series
Campbell Mithun developed its live-streamed Talkinar series to host open and interactive conversations about current issues in the advertising and media industries. Featuring live-streaming video content, live polls, and both chat and #Talkinar streams for audience participation, the events take place at www.cmithun.com/talkinar.  The agency has tackled Talkinar topics including: “Media Myth Busters,” “Web 3.0: Empathetic Brands” and “How to tell your brand story in a 140-character world.” Campbell Mithun will host three Talkinar conversations in 2012 (February, June and October). 



Jan 19

Campbell Mithun promotes Erick Jensen to associate director of media strategy

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MINNEAPOLIS – Campbell Mithun announced the promotion of Erick Jensen to associate director of media strategy in its Compass Point Media unit.  In his new role Jensen will share leadership duties on the SuperValu account with Melanie Skoglund, director of media strategy and investments. Jensen most recently has served clients including Airborne, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, KeyBank and The Mayo Clinic.

“Erick is a valued asset to the agency, and I expect his contributions to this account to be immediate,” said Skoglund. “He’s a smart, strategic and detail-oriented media professional who takes on any client’s business challenge with dedication to finding the right media solution.”

When asked what fuels his career passion, Jensen said: “In 16 years of working in this business, I have never had the same day twice.  Since I jumped on this rollercoaster, few industries have changed as much or as fast as media, which is very exciting.”

Jensen has deep media knowledge from 15 years’ experience serving clients across categories.  He joined Compass Point Media in 2007, but also spent time at both Martin/Williams and Haworth Marketing and Media. He earned a degree in journalism mass communication from Iowa State University, with an advertising emphasis and sociology minor.

Jan 12

Campbell Mithun (@cmithun) teams with Greater Twin Cities United Way (@UnitedWayTC) to use Twitter and a social-media vote for selecting both interns and a pro bono project

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The “13 Tweets and 13 Causes” process: job seekers apply via 13 tweets while 13 United Way agency partners vie by social-media vote to be selected as the Lucky 13 pro bono project

MINNEAPOLIS -- Advertising agency Campbell Mithun will hire its 2012 Lucky 13 interns based on a job application of 13 tweets, while 13 non-profit Greater Twin Cities United Way agency partners compete via social-media vote to become the pro bono summer project tackled by the interns.  The 13-days of tweeting and voting will be documented in real time on the agency’s Lucky 13 website and will take place February 13 – 25, 2012.  A website app will allow applicants to register and track their tweeting progress; data visualization will present the tweeting / voting in real time to the public and help applicants compare their activity to others.

“The 13-tweet application gives our Lucky 13 applicants creative license within a digital forum to introduce themselves as they wish,” said Debbie Fischer, director of human resources at Campbell Mithun.  “We’re very excited to partner with the Greater Twin Cities United Way to provide our interns with a summer Case Study project that makes a real difference in our community.”

“Hiring interns using social media is innovation at its best and a win-win for United Way, our agency partners and Campbell Mithun.  We are appreciative that Campbell Mithun is leveraging the breadth and depth of United Way agency relationships,” says United Way marketing vice president Kathy Hollenhorst.  She continues, “The projects introduce the Lucky 13 program interns to the creative and nonprofit worlds while at the same time benefitting the winning nonprofit agency.  We can’t think of any other entity that is using this unique approach with social media.”

 The “13 Tweets” Twitter application process
Applicants have thirteen 140-character tweets to introduce themselves to Campbell Mithun. Phases include:

1. January 13, 2012: Registration opens on www.lucky13internship.com.  Eligibility: Applicants MUST be a college student with a graduation date between fall 2011 and summer 2013.
2.   February 13-25, 2012: Candidates submit application in the form of 13 tweets.  Each tweet must include both the primary #L13 hashtag and a secondary hashtag to indicate their discipline of interest:
    •  Account Management: #CMam
    •  Account Planning: #CMap
    •  Media: #CMcpm
    •  Creative: #CMcr8
    •  Technology: #CMt3ch
3. March / early April: finalists will be interviewed; internship offers will be made.

The “Lucky 13 Causes” and social-media vote
Thirteen non-profit agencies, all funded by Greater Twin Cities United Way, will participate in the social-media vote.  Visitors to the Lucky 13 website will be able to vote for a Lucky 13 Cause via a Facebook “Like” button.  Voters will only be allowed one vote per cause (they could vote for more than one Lucky 13 Cause, but that will dilute the power of their vote). 

Below is the list of participating non-profit agencies, and the specific marketing challenge they’d have Campbell Mithun and the Lucky 13 interns address if they were elected to be the 2012 Lucky 13 Case Study:

1.  Arc’s Value Village Thrift Stores: Launch new Village Rewards customer-loyalty program
2.  Cornerstone Advocacy Service: Use social media to reach target audiences
3.  DARTS: Capitalize on e-philanthropy efforts and engage with volunteers
4.  Domestic Abuse Project: Build awareness and spark conversation about domestic abuse
5.  Emergency Foodshelf Network: Increase digital engagement and use of “text 2 give”
6.  Genesis II for Families: Implement rebranding effort and reach specific target audience
7.  Immigrant Law Center of MN: Refresh the brand and update communications materials
8.  Keystone Community Services: Launch public-awareness campaign via engagement strategies
9.  Lee Carlson Center for Mental Health and Well-Being: Bring social-media push to fundraising
10.  Minneapolis Public Schools: Spread the word about community support opportunities
11.  Pillsbury United Communities: Increase digital engagement with key audiences
12.  Twin Cities RISE!: Build awareness of how having meaningful work can change lives
13.  Volunteers of America: Communicate new mission/vision to Minnesota audiences

About Campbell Mithun’s Lucky 13 Internship

Campbell Lucky 13 Internship is a 10-week paid summer internship for students who have just completed their junior or senior year of college.Each intern becomes a member of a specific agency department, yet the interns also share and learn from each other.

Some believe that 13 is an unlucky number. But as Ray Mithun, co-founder of Campbell Mithun, once said, “If thirteen is unlucky for some people, it must be lucky for someone else.” The Lucky 13 internship program seeks those individuals who can be someone else -- those who have the courage to go against the grain and to believe in original ideas and creative solutions. The interns do real work for real clients, alongside real professionals, earning a real chance to start their careers as full-time members of the advertising community.

About Greater Twin Cities United Way

Greater Twin Cities United Way addresses our community’s most critical issues by focusing on three key areas: Basic Needs, Education and Health. The organization attacks poverty on multiple, interconnected fronts to achieve lasting change – through 10 measurable goals – by collaborating with business, government and nonprofit organizations to create solutions and carry out our call to action to LIVE UNITED by encouraging everyone to Give. Advocate. Volunteer. United Way serves people living in or near poverty in nine counties: Anoka, Carver, Chisago, Dakota, Hennepin, Isanti, Ramsey, Scott and western Washington. Join the movement. LIVE UNITED. For more information visit www.unitedwaytwincities.org or call (612) 340-7400.

About Campbell Mithun
Since its formation in 1933, Campbell Mithun has a history of philanthropy inspired by founder Ray Mithun, who served on many boards, set up minority scholarships at the U of MN, endowed a Chair of Advertising there and is quoted as saying:  “There is no lasting success, happiness or reward unless a man is truly useful – useful to his family, to his business and to his community.”  The agency develops annual pro bono work for the Greater Twin Cities United Way, and CEO Steve Wehrenberg serves on its board of directors. For 78 years, Campbell Mithun has thrived, guided by Ray Mithun’s founding philosophy: make “Everything Talk” for client brands. www.cmithun.com

Jan 12

The Other Side of the Lucky Coin

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It hit me for the first time about a month ago.

I was sitting in a meeting. Nothing terribly out of the ordinary. I took a sip of coffee. Looked down at my notes: mostly doodles. Tuned back into the discussion. The meeting was a brainstorm about the 2012 Lucky 13 internship process. Nuts-and-bolts stuff; how the website should look, registration specifics, that sort of thing.

Wait a minute. Lucky 13? It started to sink in. Wasn’t I just applying for that internship? It felt like just weeks ago I was agonizing over whether my latest tweet was funny or stupid (note: it was stupid). That obviously couldn’t be, though. I knew where to get coffee, so I must at least have been working here a while…

In reality, I’d been working at Campbell Mithun ever since I started the Lucky 13 internship last summer—seven months to the time I’m writing this. Time had flown, I’d been hired on after, and I’d been either too busy or too excited to really reflect on how it all came to pass. After that meeting though, I had a little perspective.

How odd it feels to be on the other side of that coin. How lucky, for lack of a worse word, that I should now get to be a part of the Lucky 13 process from the inside, after going through the application myself  just a year ago. In a way, I get to give back to the program that gave me so much. In another, I get to appreciate the inner workings of the process while the memories are still (relatively) fresh in my mind. Truly a fortunate circumstance.


To the applicants: I know all too well how badly you want this chance. I know how thoroughly you’ll be obsessing over your applications. I know how dangerously intimate you will become with your Twitter profile. I know because I was in your shoes just a short while ago. But hang in there; if I would have known like I do now just how amazing the internship would be, I would have wanted it even more.

A word of advice to take or leave: be yourself and speak your mind, that’s how we’ll get to know you best, which is probably the most important thing. Above all else, have fun! What other job allows for cat videos to be submitted as part of the application?

I can’t wait to read all of your tweets—I have no doubt I’ll be impressed (and afraid you’ll take my job). At that, I wish you all the best thing I can, given the stakes:

best of luck.

 - Vince


Jan 03

What I learned in 2011

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Editor’s note: this piece originally appeared as Dec 22 post on www.theMplsEgotist.com

1.    I learned from my wife of 33 years that a husband can’t just say the same thing over and over again only louder and call it effective communication.  Neither can a CEO. 
2.   I learned from the CEO of one of our clients that collaboration, one of today’s bigger business buzz words, doesn’t mean consensus.    Effective collaboration means managing diversity. 
3.   I learned from managing a diverse organizational culture that people require a simple, clear idea that captures their collective ambition or purpose.  Maybe our country needs one from the President. 
4.   I learned from the president of my alma mater that understanding and living your core values liberates you from seeking the myth of a balanced life.  It works like that old ad bromide, “Give me the freedom of a tightly written brief…” 
5.  And finally, I learned to write more briefly.  Because we’re living in a 140-character world. 

-- Steve Wehrenberg, CEO  

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