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Campbell Mithun extends job offers to two Lucky 13 interns as the 2012 summer internship ends

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Marlena Jordan-Childress and Michael Santee to join agency’s media unit

MINNEAPOLIS – Campbell Mithun’s 2012 Lucky 13 internship may end this week, but two of the eight summer interns -- Marlena Jordan-Childress and Michael Santee – will stay as the newest employees in the agency’s Compass Point Media unit.  Jordan-Childress is a Chicago native and University of Minnesota graduate; Santee graduated from Drake University and hails from Kansas.  They were among the nearly 400 applicants who competed for the internship via a 13-tweet job application that brought eight interns from seven different states (and Guatemala) to Minneapolis for the summer.

 “Continued growth of our media business opened up positions for Michael and Marlena, who worked on that team,” said human resources director Debbie Fischer. “Saying goodbye to our summer interns always is tough, and our 2012 Lucky 13ers were another fantastic group of young professionals – we are so thrilled to offer positions to two and wish those who are moving on continued success as they pursue their careers or return to school this fall.”

 Of course Jordan-Childress and Santee couldn’t be happier:

 “This summer has been the most amazing summer of my life!” said Jordan-Childress. “I gained a great deal of knowledge working alongside an exceptional group of talented individuals and am so fortunate this experience is not coming to an end.” 

 “I was ecstatic when I got the job offer,” added Santee.  “It really is a dream come true that I get to work at Campbell Mithun.”

 The 2012 Lucky 13 Summer Experience

Each of the 2012 Lucky 13 interns joined agency account teams in their respective disciplines: art director, copywriter, account management, strategic planning and media.  In addition to doing real work for real agency clients such as Land O’Lakes, General Mills, Key Bank, Purina, SuperValu and GreatClips, the interns formed the eight-person team serving Cornerstone, a domestic-violence prevention agency that won the pro bono services via social-media vote conducted by Campbell Mithun in partnership with Greater Twin Cities United Way.

 What did the 2012 interns learn?  See blog posts by interns Cody Levin and Dennis Bukowski for summaries of their summer experiences, but specific answers to that question are posted below. And in spite of being asked separately, the interns had a common answer, collaboration: 

  • Laura Fitzpatrick (strategic planning): “Creativity is best fostered by collaboration.”
  • Sofia Morales (account management): “Recognizing what each department brings to the table makes one a better account manager, and your team will acknowledge it.”
  • Cody Levin (strategic planning): “Collaboration, especially between departments, is crucial to success.”
  • Laura Romer (copywriter): “You need to trust each other’s set of skills.  The end product will always suffer if you can’t listen and be collaborative.”
  • Dennis Bukowski (art director): “It was huge that we had our own project and our success hinged on us working together.  You really learn and grow as a team when you mutually invest all you have to offer.”
  • Michael Santee (media):  “Everyone is full of great ideas.”
  • Marlena Jordan-Childress (media):  “Not to be afraid to ask questions!”
  • Amy Zhong (media): “The importance of being proactive.”

About the Lucky 13 Internship

 This summer marked the seventh year Campbell Mithun has run its Lucky 13 Internship program. The internship’s name celebrates the agency’s history and culture.  Though conventional wisdom finds 13 an unlucky number for some, Ray Mithun, co-founder of Campbell Mithun, once said, “If 13 is unlucky for some people, it must be lucky for someone else.”  The Lucky 13 Internship program seeks to find those individuals who can be someone else -- those who have the courage to go against the grain and to believe in original ideas and creative solutions.

 Campbell Mithun moved the Lucky 13 application process to Twitter in 2011, and in 2012 attracted 380 applicants from 33 states, 16 countries and 103 colleges/universities.  During the 13-day application window, more than 4,400 #L13 tweets were posted; a team of more than 20 agency employees monitored and responded to the applicants.

Aug 09

My Experience as a Lucky 13 Intern

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Cody LevinA narration of my Google search history seemed the most holistic and honest way to summarize my experience as a 2012 Lucky 13 strategic planning intern at Campbell Mithun:

March 16th:       

  • Directions 2884 Irving Ave S. to Campbell Mithun
  • What to wear to an interview
  • How to prepare for an interview
  • Campbell Mithun
  • Cornerstone MN

April 1st:             

  • How to prepare for an account planning internship

April 13:              

  • Amy Zhong…Dennis Bukowski…Laura Fitzpatrick…Laura Romer… Marlena Jordan-Childress…Michael Santee…Sofia Morales

June 4:                 

  • Directions 2884 Irving Ave S. to Campbell Mithun
  • Note-taking apps   

June 6th:            

  • Advice for interns
  • Advice for junior planners
  • Account planning job definition

June 14th:          

  • Best happy hour downtown

June 15th:          

  • How to take screen shots on a pc
  • How to download images on a pc
  • How to hook a personal mac to your company pc

June 20th:          

  • Purina veterinary diets
  • Key Bank
  • Wellmark

June 21st:           

  • Geeks who Drink trivia Groveland Tap

June 22nd:         

  • Average veterinarian salary?

June 25th:          

  • Brand positioning
  • Brand positioning  famous examples
  • Brand repositioning
  • Successful brand repositioning famous examples

July 1st:                               

  • How to write a creative brief
  • How to write a creative brief that’s not awful

July 8th:              

  • Brainstorming tips
  • How to talk to advertising creatives

July 12th:            

  • Cheapest happy hour downtown

July 13th:            

  • Best places to eat at Twins game with a large group

July 16th:            

  • Girl caught doing homework on computer at Twins game

July 19th:            

  • Late night happy hour downtown
  • Late night happy hour downtown cheap

July 30th:            

  • How to use iPads in presentation
  • Quickest ways to change a print campaign
  • How to help others deal with stress
  • InDesign tutorials
  • How to get the most out of a campaign with no budget
  • The Motto Drake
  • Downtown Minneapolis delivery open late

July 31st:            

  • Productivity tips for teams
  • Ignition Remix R Kelly
  • Healthcare vs health-care vs health care
  • Calorie count cheesy popcorn
  • Downtown Minneapolis delivery open late
    Sunrise time August 1st

August 1st:        

  • Presentation tips
  • Call Me Maybe Carly Rae Jepsen
  • Does not seeing the sun for several days affect your health?
  • DIY headache remedy
  • Downtown Minneapolis delivery open late not pizza

August 2nd:         

  • How to recover a keynote presentation on your mac
  • Eye of the Tiger Survivor

August 3rd:         

  • Happy hour downtown
  • Happy hour downtown starting at 3pm

August 6th:         

  • Best places to impress CEO at lunch on an intern’s budget

August 7th:         

  • Account planning jobs Minneapolis
  • Account planning Jobs Portland
  • Account planning Jobs New York
  • Account planning jobs London
Aug 09

My Lucky 13 Summer at Campbell Mithun

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altI came to Minneapolis from Omaha, Nebraska not really knowing what to expect of my ten weeks at Campbell Mithun. I can happily say the Lucky 13 Internship was all it was hyped up to be. On top of getting to work on well-known Campbell Mithun clients every day, I made seven new friends from all over the country.  

I realized that this summer was going to differ vastly from any past internship when we interns were presented with a summer calendar of events on the first day. Our summer was nicely organized to include important agency events along with social functions planned for the interns. I was also glad to see that mentors were provided for all the interns. Speaking for the creative interns, it was extremely helpful to have a former Lucky 13er as a mentor to hear our ideas and help us learn the ropes here at the agency.

Our internship client this summer was Cornerstone, a domestic violence prevention agency which was elected via social-media vote to receive pro bono support from the agency and interns. Cornerstone needed our help to help promote their 7th Annual Conference on Domestic Violence and Abuse. The challenge Cornerstone presented to us was one of the toughest I have encountered. I can gladly say that it was a privilege to work with some extremely talented individuals to provide Cornerstone with some great work. We interns each did our part and received input from other CM colleagues who donated time from their busy schedules to provide feedback and help us out. It was the best kind of work setting.

I was able to learn a lot, and this summer internship will definitely pay off as I pursue future career opportunities. Campbell Mithun is at a very significant time in its successful history, and I’m very glad I was part of that -- even just for a summer.

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