Apr 27

“Popeyes® Mood Wing” app rates spicy-to-mild nature of social-media posts

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Promotion debuts partnership of Popeyes® Louisiana Kitchen with new digital AOR Campbell Mithun

ATLANTA (April 30, 2012) – Are you feeling Spicy or Mild? Tapping the iconic power of the mood ring, Popeyes® Louisiana Kitchen has launched a national promotion featuring a “Mood Wing” app (yes, as in chicken wing) that reports a Spicy, Mild or Mixed rating of users’ Twitter or Facebook posts. When consumers learn their mood, they also receive a menu suggestion and related spicy, mild, or remixed song from specially curated Spotify® playlists. Developed by Popeyes’ new digital agency Campbell Mithun, the digital effort runs through May to support the restaurant’s Spicy or Mild Bonafide® bone-in Chicken promotion that offers an in-restaurant opportunity for customers to proclaim themselves Spicy or Mild.

“This element of the promotion offers a way for consumers to engage with the Popeyes brand in a fun and personalized way,” said Dick Lynch, chief global brand officer at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen.

The promotion debuts the first work created for Popeyes by Campbell Mithun, who was recently named digital agency of record. The agency will support Popeyes with digital integration of key promotions, social-media efforts, mobile marketing and analytics/reporting. Campbell Mithun has deep QSR capabilities, having served clients including Burger King, Dairy Queen and Chi-Chi’s.

“We originally stepped into the social media space to go to where our customers are and engage with them,” said Lynch. “Bringing on a digital agency is an exciting next step for our brand and will allow us to take our online efforts to a new level.”

“What we love about the Popeyes partnership is the passion surrounding the brand,” said Rachael Marret, president of Campbell Mithun. “Their customers are in love with their food and many are already active users of social and mobile. And the marketing team is eager to stretch the brand in the digital space, so we are excited by the opportunity.”

To capitalize on that consumer passion for Popeyes, the May Mood Wing app will deliver customized mood-indicator responses based on digital analysis of recent Facebook or Twitter activity. Users can access the app via www.popeyes.com or Popeyes’ Facebook and Twitter accounts. Sample Facebook posts follow, which represent just a few of the many that could be served up to app users: 


·         You should come with your own warning label.

·         !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (I think these belong to you)

·         Your spiciness would make a fire stop, drop, and roll.


·         You’re hot! You’re not. You’re hot! You’re not. (Repeat 73 times.)

·         You’re like a yo-yo of unpredictable spiciness.

·         You’re the flip-flopper of the fried chicken world.


·         If you were a late ‘50s jazz musician, you’d be Mild Davis.

·         You’re the calm before the storm, but without the storm.

·         People call you “Mild Thing.”  And you make their hearts hum softly.

About Campbell Mithun (NYSE: IPG)

Since its founding in 1933, Campbell Mithun has established a national brand-building reputation in the QSR, consumer packaged goods, retail, healthcare, financial services and telecommunications sectors and serves clients including General Mills, Land O’Lakes, SuperValu, Chipotle and Toro.  Its Compass Point Media unit provides in-house integrated connections-planning and media services. 

The agency has created client marketplace success for 78 years guided by Ray Mithun’s founding philosophy:  create client success by making Everything Talk at each point of customer contact.  Websites:  www.cmithun.com; www.compasspoint-media.com

About Popeyes® Louisiana Kitchen (NASDAQ: AFCE)

Founded in 1972 in New Orleans, Popeyes is a leader in the New Orleans segment of the foodservice industry and is the world's second largest quick-service chicken concept based on the number of units. As of December 25, 2011, Popeyes had 2,035 operating restaurants in the United States, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Cayman Islands and 25 foreign countries. For more information, visit the Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Web site at www.popeyes.com 

Apr 13

Campbell Mithun’s Twitter job application process nets interns from seven different states

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Innovative 13-tweet job application process generates engaging public #L13 conversation

MINNEAPOLIS – Minneapolis ad agency Campbell Mithun used a 13-tweet job application to recruit its summer Lucky 13 interns and announced Friday (the 13th, of course) it has hired eight young professionals hailing from places ranging from California and Texas to Illinois and Guatemala. The Twitter process attracted nearly 400 applicants who registered to post 13 tweets introducing themselves and demonstrating their digital capabilities to the agency (view “L13 Tweet Highlights Reel”).

“We’re looking for digitally savvy, creative employees,” said Debbie Fischer, director of human resources at Campbell Mithun. “This process reaches that talent pool and allows them to showcase their smarts, their work, their mastery of social media and, quite frankly, their sense of humor. It’s quite impressive -- our industry has a very bright future.”

Campbell Mithun piloted the process last year, and added in 2012 a layer of analytics to capture the scope both of the Twitter engagement and of the recruitment effort itself. The numbers tell a great story:

  380 applicants applied vs. typical response of 150 by traditional means
  Applicants represented 33 states, 16 countries and 103 colleges/universities
  Applicants could track their Twitter profile as compared to others
  During the 13 days of tweeting, more than 4,400 #L13 tweets appeared
  More than 20 employees served on the agency’s “Twitter Response Team” to monitor and respond to the #L13 application tweets



Introducing the 2012 Lucky 13 Interns

Campbell Mithun welcomes the following young professionals to the agency this summer (view profiles):

  1.  Dennis Bukowski (@DennisBukowski), art director, University of Nebraska
  2.  Laura Fitzpatrick (@_Lfitzpatrick_), account planning, University of Minnesota
  3.  Marlena Jordan-Childress (@LenaChild), media, University of Minnesota
  4.  Cody Levin (@CodyLevin), account planning, University of St. Thomas
  5.  Sofia Morales (@sofiml2), account management, University of North Carolina
  6.  Laura Romer (@rahrahromer), copywriter, University of Texas, Austin
  7.  Michael Santee (@MichaelSantee), media, Drake University
  8.  Amy Zhong, media, University of California – Berkeley (Amy joins the team via the 4A’s Multicultural Advertising Internship Program)

Three of the new interns shared their reflections about applying via Twitter in a blog post. Excerpts follow:

    Laura Romer: “I found the idea of applying for a creative internship through Twitter incredibly intriguing…It forced me to figure out who I was, and effectively and succinctly send that message.”
    Sofia Morales: “This process allowed me to assess my abilities and share them with others in a way that would be impossible through a cover letter or a resume. With the only guideline being tweeting 13 times, I had the liberty to let my imagination loose.”
    Laura Fitzpatrick: “The best and worst thing about the process was being able to see the tweets from all the phenomenal applicants…You may be surprised, but applicants complimented, helped, and pushed each other to succeed.”

The Lucky 13 interns will work on agency account teams representing their specific discipline: art direction, copywriting, account planning, account management or media. They also will work together on a summer case study project, which in 2012 will serve nonprofit agency Cornerstone.

Cause Marketing Overlay

Cornerstone won the pro bono marketing campaign via social-media vote as part of a cause-marketing effort that was new to the Lucky 13 program in 2012: Campbell Mithun invited thirteen nonprofit organizations funded by Greater Twin Cities United Way to compete via social-media vote to win the marketing support.

In a blog about the process, Cornerstone communications specialist Andi Granmoe said: “We were a little nervous since a couple of [the other nonprofit causes] had quite a few more Twitter followers and Facebook friends than we did. If we wanted to win, we knew that we had to ramp up our use of social media.”

About The Lucky 13 Internship

The eight new 2011 Lucky 13 Interns will report for their 10-week paid internship on June 4, 2012. They’ll do real work for real clients, alongside real professionals, earning a real chance to start their careers as full-time members of the advertising community. This will be the seventh year Campbell Mithun has run its Lucky 13 Internship program.

The internship’s name celebrates the agency’s history and culture. Though conventional wisdom finds 13 an unlucky number for some, Ray Mithun, co-founder of Campbell Mithun, once said, “If 13 is unlucky for some people, it must be lucky for someone else.” The Lucky 13 Internship program seeks to find those individuals who can be someone else -- those who have the courage to go against the grain and to believe in original ideas and creative solutions.

Apr 13

Reflections from the #L13Cause winner: Cornerstone

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Cornerstone had tried for a long time to raise awareness about the effects of violence on children and youth without much success.  As a nonprofit with limited resources, we were in the process of brainstorming ideas when the email came from Campbell Mithun and Greater Twin Cites United Way inviting us to be one of the 13 nonprofit “causes” in the Lucky 13 Internship campaign to win a pro bono marketing campaign.  We were thrilled!  This was the perfect opportunity.

When looking at the other nonprofit causes and who we were up against, we were a little nervous since a couple of them had quite a few more Twitter followers and Facebook friends than we did. We knew it wasn’t going to be a breeze. If we wanted to win, we knew that we had to ramp up our use of social media.

Our strategy consisted of almost daily tweets and Facebook posts, emails to our e-newsletter subscribers, e-mails to our staff and contacts -- all encouraging people to vote and to pass the voting link on to their friends and contacts. We thought about being on the receiving end of all these social media messages. There is a fine line between pestering people and keeping them engaged.

We felt it was important to use a friendly tone in our message, as if we were speaking to people face to face, always reminding them that they were the reason we were among the top-three Lucky 13 vote getters. This kept people excited, especially when we were bouncing back and forth between the #1 and #2 spots. They became more engaged, knowing they had a personal impact on us winning. We also used humor in our tweets and posts, like when Cornerstone and Volunteers of America were going to win via a pie eating contest or a dunk tank competition!

It was interesting to see how involved the internship competitors were as well. Many of them attached themselves to one of the 13 causes and it was great to see some of them tweeting about Cornerstone.  An unexpected call came a few days into the competition from Laura Fitzpatrick, one of the many vying for an internship spot. She said she was passionate about our cause and wanted to help us get votes while she was competing to win as well. We were happy for her help in our endeavor and happy to help her in hers! She created videos on how interns chose an L13 non-profit to support, why she chose Cornerstone, and how she encouraged her followers on Twitter and friends on Facebook to vote for us.  She also created a general Q&A about domestic violence.

Overall, it was a great experience, especially since we came out Number One! We are looking forward to working with Campbell Mithun and the 2012 13 Lucky Interns!

Apr 13

Confessions of a tweeter (or three) re: @cmithun’s #L13 Twitter process

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College students from across the country applied to be a Lucky 13 intern at ad agency Campbell Mithun by posting 13 tweets during 13 days in February 2012. Three of the just-hired interns -- Laura, Sofia and Laura -- share their reflections about the process:

Laura Romer

I found the idea of applying for a creative internship through Twitter incredibly intriguing.  It was interesting to incorporate this informal means of communication into a “formal” application process.  You’re battling against the 140-character Twitter box to whittle down the excess and get right to the point of what you’re trying to say.   

I found it much easier to be myself during this process than applying for an internship with the standard cover letter approach where you agonize over the appropriate opening (Dear Sir? To Whom it May Concern?  Dear Gatekeeper?) or email subject headline.

As unexciting as it might sound, I learned a lot about how to professionally and creatively talk about myself.  It forced me to figure out who I was, and effectively and succinctly send that message.  Even if that message had to do with my love of narwhals. 

Sofia Morales

This process allowed me to reflect on myself, assess my abilities and share them with others in a way that would be impossible through a cover letter or a resume. With the only guideline being tweeting 13 times, I had the liberty to let my imagination loose. I brought my resume to life with a video of my day as an intern and took the Lucky 13 selection committee on a journey through my travels. I wanted my 13 tweets to tell my story and to build on each other. Once I submitted my last tweet, I was very proud of what I had put out there. 13 turned out to be my lucky number.

Laura Fitzpatrick

The best and worst thing about the process was being able to see the tweets from all the phenomenal applicants.  Although it was intimidating to compete against great ideas, it was also extremely rewarding interacting with the minds behind these great ideas, as we are an industry built on storytelling, collaboration, and idea sharing.  You may be surprised, but applicants complimented, helped, and pushed each other to succeed.  I honestly feel so truly lucky to be chosen out of the inspiring pool of talent that you will definitely be seeing more of in the future. 

The Twitter application process provides aspiring advertising individuals with the chance to jump off a résumé, interact with and learn from their peers, and find the best ways to define themselves.  I can’t think of a more peculiar and exhilarating way to be hired. 

Apr 09

Campbell Mithun’s “Treadmill” showcases Toro’s innovative Personal Pace® technology

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Charming “theatrical setting” departs from lawn-category conventions

MINNEAPOLIS – In its new “Treadmill” spot, Campbell Mithun runs a lawnmower on a grass-covered treadmill to demonstrate Toro’s Personal Pace® technology for walk power mowers. A stagecraft neighborhood scene spins in the background as the hero hurries to beat the weather, slows for a whistling bird, and hustles away from a barking dog -- all while adjusting the pace of his Toro® mower accordingly on the grassy treadmill deck. “Whatever speed you want to go,” declares the voiceover, “one mower will match your pace.”

“The strength of this spot is its theater,” said Heath Rudduck, Campbell Mithun’s chief creative officer.  “Of course, no one mows grass on a treadmill – but the simplicity of the scene absolutely captures what we all experience – and the product gets to be the star.”

Props and placards drop down from above on “puppet strings” to portray iconic symbols of the spring season. The team used a combination of practical props and digital animation to create the spot.

“Communicating the subtle benefits of the Personal Pace technology can be difficult,” said Rob Little, director of marketing for Toro’s Residential and Landscape Contractor Businesses.  “But people understand the need to control the speed of a treadmill, and a responsive treadmill directly showcases the pacing benefit of this innovative mower.”

“Treadmill” runs nationwide through May. The media plan also includes airing the “Equal Opportunity Mower” spot created by Campbell Mithun in 2011 to showcase Toro’s TimeCutter® zero turn riding mower with Smart Speed™ control system.

Agency Credits for “Treadmill”
Chief creative officer:  Heath Rudduck
Executive creative director:  Reid Holmes
Copywriter:  Paul Brink
Art director:  Chelsea Klevesahl
EVP/director of integrated production:  Kathy DiToro
Executive integrated producer:  Bill Smallacombe

Production Credits for “Treadmill”
Production studio: Moo Studios
Executive producer: David Lyons
Director: Andy Huang
Line producer / production manager: Rich Payne
Music: Emoto Music (Los Angeles)

About The Toro Company
The Toro Company (NYSE: TTC) is a leading worldwide provider of turf and landscape maintenance equipment, and precision irrigation systems.  With sales of nearly $1.9 billion in fiscal 2011, Toro’s global presence extends to more than 90 countries through its reputation of world-class service, innovation and turf expertise.  Since 1914, the company has built a tradition of excellence around a number of strong brands to help customers care for golf courses, sports fields, public green spaces, commercial and residential properties, and agricultural fields.  More information is available at www.toro.com.

Apr 04

Be YOU in the Social Landscape

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 I just attended a very inspiring Alliance for Women in Media (AWM) Symposium in Washington, DC. The topic was: "Diversity: Defining Different in a Changing Society." There were three outstanding breakout sessions; I’ll showcase content from the final session entitled “Diversify Your Brand.”

 Molly Wythes, Senior VP and General Manager at Katz Marketing Solutions, did a great job moderating an interesting and inspirational conversation with the following panelists:

Kenetta Bailey, TV One
Renessa Boley, America’s Premiere Life Designer
Layla Masri, Bean Creative

The reality is that All Women in Media need to become more versatile in dealing with the social media landscape. We need to “Diversify Our Brand.” The conversation centered on ways to create, promote and protect our personal brand every day.

1. Creating a brand: Investment. Invest in yourSELF. We all need to invest in ourselves to create a strong brand.  Your brand is not your title.   Build a brand destination - content is king.  Layla Masri noted and highly recommended that All Women in Media need to “Invest in the person you want to invest in.” She also said that, “When you communicate online… and you do it right, it’s genuine.” You are your brand and your brand is your action.
2. Promoting a brand: How do we, or should we promote our professional brand? Be YOU.  Kenetta Bailey believes that All Women in Media need to know that. She doesn’t separate personal and professional brands, but makes sure that all content meets her standards.  As an avid Facebook and Twitter user, I completely agree with her assessment that we should always be the same person online as we are offline.
3. Protecting your brand: How do we protect it? Renessa Boley recommends for All Women in Media, “Be careful what you say, how you say it and how it will be used to protect your brand.”  Much of this is just common sense.  Your brand is your reputation, and you have to make sure everything you do enhances your brand in a positive way.   Remember that your brand is always evolving.

My favorite quote was from Kenetta, “Don’t underestimate the value of what you bring to the table!” We all have to fight the urge to be complacent. We are all talented, and need to bring our special knowledge, expertise and confidence to every business situation.

We will be able to expand even more on this topic when the AWM Foundation brings the next Symposium to Minneapolis Sept. 13th at The Woman's Club of Minnesota:   "Building the Brand That is You."  More details will follow in the coming weeks.

Editor’s note: this piece was originally posted on AWM’s Reflections Blog.”

-- Carol Grothem, VP, Associate Director of Media Investments, Compass Point Media

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