May 24

Weighing in on ABC's fall schedule

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May 19

2011 #Upfront: My Twitter-Take on Next Season’s Network Programming

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Program by program, here’s my tweet-by-tweet real-time reaction to the 2011 major network upfront presentations this week in New York.  Tweets were sent via our @Compass_Point handle as part of the larger #upfront conversation.

Tweet-coverage will be updated as the week unfolds.  What’s your take on TV’s 2011 season?

See tweets re CW

See tweets re CBS

See tweets re TBS/TNT

See tweets re ABC

See tweets re ESPN

See tweets re FOX

See tweets re NBC


-- Harvin Furman, VP director of market investments, #upfront tweeter


May 11

MVP in #Twins hail-delay loss: @TCGroundsCrew & “the blower”

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Unfortunately for us Twins fans, the most entertaining part of last night’s loss to the Tigers was the hour-long hail delay – with its subsequent hail-removal challenge.  With all the extra waiting around, the public had plenty of time to air their doubts about the removal effort on Twitter.

Check out the list of select tweets below.  I grabbed them from the #Twins Twitterstream with equal parts of amusement and curiosity for how the public would judge the situation – and a bit of vested interest for our client Toro with a blower on the job.  (When Toro named that product a “debris blower,” I’m guessing they weren’t thinking about hail.) 

Congrats, @TCGroundsCrew on your creative and diligent approach.  And props to you #Twins fans for your own hail-clearing ideas, commentary and sense of humor.  Now if only we could win a game.

@nodaktwinsfan: RT @MnTwinkie: @fsnorth Broadcasters flummoxed by how @MinnesotaTwins will get rid of the hail. #80degrees #icemelts #Twins

@stace34: Learning experience on how to clear hail from Target Field. #Twins

@jessicann713: Hahaha. Let's just...blow the hail around?  #Twins

@brove: Turn on the sprinklers. #Twins

@NickEHeim:  Someone wanna tell Coomer to shush it...the hail will melt, it's 86 degrees outside #twins

@Twins_Morsecode:  @TwinsPrez Turn up the heat on the field, that should melt the hail! #Twins #TargetField

@HSFeldt: Love watching them try to blow the hail from Target Field...#Twins

@fsnorth:  Head groundskeeper Larry DiVito attempting to "snowblow" the hail off the field. #Twins

@stace34: not sure it will work. RT @fsnorth: Head groundskeeper Larry Divito attempting to "snowblow" the hail off the field. #Twins

@slr23_1326: Um where do they think they are blowing the hail to?? #Twins

@meaganwick: Screw the news, watch the #Twins rain delay. They are blowing hail off the field with a tiny little machine and the Tigers are batting hail.

@carly_peters: I love Minnesota.  #classic RT @fsnorth Head groundskeeper Larry Divito attempting to "snowblow" the hail off the field. #Twins

@meaganwick:  And now raking Target Field?  Hilarious stuff. #Hail #Twins

@johnbutler:  How the #Twins deal with hail. I love it.

@bisonmessink:  What does Target Field have in common with the Metrodome? -->No Roof. #Tigers #Minnesota #Twins

@youdontknowmel:  blowers for the hail could be helping melt them faster. Tho...It's still unbearably hot so I'm not sure how it's not already melting #twins

@electricfiredb:  Yikes, just tuned into #Tigers #Twins and they're sweeping hail off the field! #raindelay #hailtothetigers

@Idrossart: Fans are cheering for our Grounds Crew! Lets Play Ball #Twins. Way to be great fans #TFans

@tazjam: They are now raking the hail...weird! #Twins #TFans

@davidfolske: @espn #Twins/#Tigers game in a rain delay...wait scratch that Hail delay. Grounds Crew looking to snow blow all the hail off.

@stace34: Watching the ground crew at Target Field snow blow and rack up the hail. #Twins

@BakeinMinn: Loving the #twins method of hail removal rake, shovel, and riding blower

@erictwatkins: Need to add hail raking to turfgrass science curriculum #twins Http://

@amy_zing: How many guys does it take to clear a baseball field of hail?  17 rakers and 1 leaf blower. #Twins

@LiterateKnits: Watching the hail cleanup at #TargetField It's a regular goat rodeo! #Twins

@dfriez:  The grounds crew is sweeping, blowing and raking hail off the #Twins field

@natejacoby: Survived the storm at the #twins game. Waiting for the grounds crew to finish raking the hailstones off the field.

@TwinsSect119Guy: See folks...That wasn't so bad now was it?  Kudos @TCGroundsCrew #patience #Twins

@LtlRedX @TCGroundsCrew gotta admit I didn't have much faith in the leaf blowers but they seem to have done the job #Twins #TargetField

@TCGroundsCrew:  @LtlRedX That blower is like a jet engine. We use it to blow air into our tarp.

@TwinsSect119Guy: @TwinsPrez... Rain delay well executed this evening by @TCGroundsCrew. Glad game wasn't called.  Part of outdoor baseball! #Twins

@CodyDorumsgaard: Definitely think the #Twins #HailDelay is gonna make @SportsCenter's Not Top Ten this week #Baseball #Minnesota

@MnTwinkie: @TCGroundsCrew nice job tonight. Did yourselves proud. (any of you play catcher?) #Twins #kudos

-- Kristine Olson, communications director, severe-weather Twins fan

May 09

Campbell Mithun breaks a trio of summer spots to round out its “Make Today Famous” 2011 spring/summer campaign for Famous Footwear

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Series of 15-second spots dramatizes how the transformative nature of shoes can inspire “A New You”

MINNEAPOLIS – Three summer spots by Campbell Mithun – “Kenyans,” “Martial Arts” and “Undercover Cop” – recently broke to round out Famous Footwear’s “A New You” campaign dramatizing how new shoes can inspire the feeling of a new you.  The campaign leverages the seasonal benefits of spring/summer as a time of renewal and falls under the retailer’s ongoing “Make Today Famous” umbrella.

The summer spots follow a flight of five spring “A New You” executions released in March/April:  Red Carpet and Bollywood (fashion executions); and Secret Agent, Base Jumping and Impalas (fitness spots). 

“This series dares you to envision who you want to be and how shoes can help you get there. We’ve presented a 15-second stream-of-consciousness reality where shoes lead the way for someone to imagine a new version of themselves,” said Famous Footwear senior vice president of marketing Will Smith.

Each ad opens with a voiceover saying “A new you begins with new shoes from Famous Footwear” and then moves quickly to the vision imagined by the shoe consumer.  The summer “A New You” spots run nationwide in the month of May. Promotional versions direct consumers to a special offer available in stores or online at 

Credits: The Snorri Brothers of Interrogate directed the spots; editor is Brian Slater of Fischer Edit; music and sound design, Todd Syring, Syring Music LLC.  Agency credits:  Andy Anema, art director; Bill Johnson, copywriter; and David Howell, executive producer.  Spark is the media agency.

Each of the spots was shot on Super 16 and with an HD 2K digital camera. 

About the summer spots

“The real power of these spots emerges when they’re viewed collectively,” said Campbell Mithun creative director Bill Johnson.  “Each of the 15-second spots definitely tells its own story of transformation, but together they communicate the imaginative possibilities for re-envisioning oneself – with a little help from Famous Footwear, of course.”

 Shot in a game preserve, “Kenyans” presents a woman who imagines running alongside – and passing – a group of Kenyan distance racers.  Her inspiration:  an Asics Gel-Enhance Ultra shoe

In “Martial Arts,” the female shopper pictures herself as a martial artist in a fight scene while holding a K-Swiss women’s running shoe.  Choreographed by a professional fight coordinator, the fight-scene action was executed with trapeze wire rigs.  Day-for-night filming created the B-movie genre effect.

Undercover Cop” depicts a man envisioning himself in a good-guy-chases-bad-guy scene, all motivated by a Nike Men’s Dual Fusion shoe. The spot was filmed on a downtown rooftop, with two stuntmen jumping freefall and leaping between buildings on wires.

Make Today Famous

Famous Footwear’s “Make Today Famous” campaign was created by Campbell Mithun in 2009.  The campaign shows how people can make even everyday activities “famous” in their own unique ways, influenced by the shoes on their feet. The 2011 spring/summer series represents the sixth seasonal effort under the Make Today Famous campaign umbrella and follows the recent 2010 “Frozen Moments” holiday spot featuring a 30-second slow-motion run through the snow.

About Famous Footwear

Famous Footwear is a leading family branded footwear destination, with 1,100 stores nationwide and e-commerce site  The chain offers consumers more than 80 nationally recognized brands, including Nike, Skechers, Naturalizer, Puma, Steve Madden, Converse, New Balance, DC, Rocket Dog and Carlos by Carlos Santana, and features a broad assortment of toning footwear from brands like Skechers and Reebok.  A proud national partner of the March of Dimes, the retailer sponsors March for Babies walk events in more than 1,000 communities nationwide.  Famous Footwear is operated by the retail subsidiary of Brown Shoe Company, Inc. (NYSE:BWS), which has $2.5 billion in sales as a retailer and wholesaler of footwear.  For more information, visit and

May 04

Is Liquid Publishing The Future?

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When I started in this crazy Advertising game, I cut my teeth in the publishing department. Bromide and hot wax was the order of the day. And retouching was still done with air brush and ink in a smoky retouching studio. (Oh how very Mad Men). How things have changed.

I'm excited to see how technology is enabling a complete revolution. The publishing world is an industry that has generally denied the world was changing for a long time. I for one have been advocating the liberating concept of "Liquid Publishing" constructs for years, and tablet technologies have finally delivered a solid storytelling platform.

Take a look at the new Toronto Standard which has just re-launched itself as a purely digital publication. Every single feature of this publication morphs, adapting to the user’s device, no matter what the technological platform. Is it the most beautifully designed thing in the world? No. But it's a huge step towards a ubiquitous content landscape. In contrast, the New York Times has nine native device versions. Which means nine times the hassle.

This new mag is a nice bit of work that demonstrates how we need to be thinking. One voice that talks in many ways. I think the next chapter of this paradigm shift will be enabling the aggregation of social content. Facilitating ongoing dialogue and conversation will be a huge plus for publications. Imagine seeing the 'Letters To The Editor' section updating as you read the news. Or the headline updating as news breaks. Publishers will become production houses, orchestrating live feeds of data in a way that is true content convergence. If they thought it was a race to get the early edition out, this is surely an all out sprint. But one that never ends.

-- Heath Rudduck, chief creative officer, liquid storyteller 

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