Jun 30

"Media Myth Busters" Talkinar Infographic

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Last week’s “Media Myth Busters” Talkinar was so full of good info, we created this infographic of media stats:

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Jun 30

Campbell Mithun and Famous Footwear agree to end relationship

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MINNEAPOLIS – With Famous Footwear's stated intent to conduct an account review and Campbell Mithun's decline of an invitation to participate, the companies have agreed to end their partnership. Campbell Mithun has been the retailer's creative agency of record for three years. Famous Footwear will conduct a procurement-led, invitation-only search for a new agency partner.

“We appreciate the invitation to participate, but realize that, moving forward, this partnership no longer serves our mutual business interests,” said Campbell Mithun CEO Steve Wehrenberg.

Campbell Mithun became Famous Footwear’s creative agency in January 2008, produced initial work for the back-to-school season, and introduced the “Make Today Famous” platform idea in 2009. The agency will complete its seventh execution of that campaign for back-to-school 2011 before their contract runs its course at the end of August.  Work over the past year has included a recent spring/summer effort and 2010 holiday and back-to-school executions.

“We’re grateful for Campbell Mithun’s partnership and their efforts in moving our brand and consumer engagement forward over the past three years,” said Famous Footwear senior vice president of marketing Will Smith.

Jun 20

Farming by Remote Control

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Imagine this:

You walk out of your office and the sun is just coming up. You have already done an hour of work on your laptop looking at research reports and blogs. As you step out, you see it rained overnight, so you take out your Smartphone and check the humidity of your stored corn and adjust some dials. As you get into the cab of your combine, you hook up your iPad to the computer monitors in the cab to keep track of the corn as you harvest. After a few hours, you check the prices of the corn and soybean commodities. You see the price has changed so you call your local dealer and ask their advice about selling.  Since your tractor has auto steer, which is essentially auto-pilot, you have about 6 minutes of free time on each row you plant in the field. So you check the weather and see there is more rain in the forecast.  You use your iPad app to turn off your irrigation system for the next couple of days to save water. Then you go on Facebook and post a video about how farmers are helping prevent soil erosion. Before you get out of the tractor, you upload data from computer yield monitors to your iPad.

This isn’t the future. This is now. Farmers are early adopters of technology and are very entrepreneurial business owners. They have to be, after all, the agricultural economy is in their hands. More than two million people farm or ranch in the United States. Almost 90 percent of U.S. farms are operated by individuals or family corporations and more than 70 percent of farmland will change hands within the next 15 years. Most of this land will continue to be farmed by farm families and farm family corporations. With all these changes, farmers have to be on the cutting edge:


The use of mobile technology specifically is growing rapidly within the agriculture sector - partially because of convenience and partially because of necessity. Historically, Alltell provided the best wireless coverage in rural areas, so a farmer using a smartphone likely had a Blackberry. But the 2008 purchase of Alltel and the looming merger of AT&T and T-Mobile (among other telecommunications shifts) has diversified the mobile options available to growers.

  • 43% of farmers own a Smartphone with 33% of those having a Blackberry *
  • 18% have an Android phone and 10% have an iPhone. *

The iPad is becoming a farmer’s best friend. It has a larger screen for older growers (average age is 57), the apps offer benefits for completing farm chores, increasing information “portability,” and accessing news and market communications. There will most likely be an increase of mapping apps using the GPS feature to address the performance of specific locations (for example: soil maps, low areas for water drainage).



LoadOut – users can load their truck with grain simply by pressing a button on their mobile device

  Tank Mix Calculator – DuPont Crop Protection – allows you to know how much pesticide you need to cover in an area 
  PureSense Irrigation Manager – an app that offers accurate data on crop soil moisture. The application allows a farmer to make decisions based on trends. 

In 50 years farmers will be feeding twice the current population. The only way to accommodate the vital needs of the world’s population is to continue to increase efficiency and productivity on the farm through technology.  What’s next? Unmanned tractors?  Oh, wait -- that already exists.

* Source: 2011 Successful Farming Farmers’ Activities, Opinions and Interest General Finding Study

- Tim Holmes, management supervisor, digital agri-dude

Jun 13

Campbell Mithun’s next live-streamed #Talkinar to tackle media myths

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View “Media Myth Busters” Talkinar invite and register via http://bit.ly/CMTlk3

MINNEAPOLIS – Minneapolis agency Campbell Mithun will host a live-streamed online conversation about myth and reality in today’s media marketplace.  Three leaders from the agency’s Compass Point Media unit will address media myths such as:  The DVR has killed TV commercials.  The “last click” rules.  Newspapers are obsolete.

Guests will watch the conversation via live-streamed video and can participate via online chat or #talkinar on Twitter.

  • Topic:    Media Myth Busters:  Finding Solid Ground in the Shifting Media Landscape
  • Date:      Wednesday, June 22, 2011
  • Time:     1-2 pm (CDT)
  • View invitation / register:  http://bit.ly/CMTlk3
  • To participate:  On event day simply visit www.cmithun.com/talkinar

Discussion Hosts

Harvin Furman, director of market investments, has spent his entire career maximizing client media investments through strategic and artful negotiations. His role overseeing a cross-platform team of negotiators gives him both a mile-high and granular view of the media marketplace — and a mighty smart take on market investments.

Melanie Skoglund, group planning director, specializes in developing creative media solutions for challenging marketing situations, but grounds them in sound strategy to contribute to regular client business growth. Her 360-degree approach and reliable bottom-line results keep her "out front" as an industry thinker.

Chris Wexler, group planning director, ensures agency media plans make connections in all the right places. He has a keen eye for harnessing the full potential of digital and emerging-media forms to deliver against outcome-based objectives — and lots of opinions about how a brand can effectively tap that power.

Jun 08

Agency Negotiators Take to the Airwaves

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We had more than 30 people from our Center for Negotiating Excellence go on a field trip to The Pavek Museum of Broadcasting today.  Besides getting a chance to play the Theremin (pictured) -- that creepy sounding instrument from The Day the Earth Stood Still -- our team recorded their very own radio show, complete with bad jokes, traffic reports, breaking news and rock-n-roll oldies.  Take a listen, and see why none of us are quitting our day jobs.

Noah Everist, broadcast supervisor (a.k.a. “Mr. Cable”), Compass Point Media


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