Jan 24

Campbell Mithun's Rudduck Hopes to Spur More Digital Innovation

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Link: Minnpost.com 1/24/11 

Jan 18

Idea Writers

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Around 30 years ago I began my career in advertising as a copywriter at a small, local agency.  I wrote everything, from TV and radio commercials to newspaper ads to PR releases and even annual report copy for one client. I wasn’t a big home-run hitter, like a Reid Holmes, but more of a rookie utility player, kind of like the guy they bring up from the minors who’s coachable, versatile and cheap.

Given my background, a recent review in the Wall Street Journal for a new book, The Idea Writers, caught my eye.  I breezed through the book over the holiday break.  It’s a great read, I must say, not only for ex copywriters like me, but for anyone trying to make sense of the metamorphosis happening in our business.  I highly recommend it.

The author, Teressa Iezzi, edits Ad Age’s Creativity.  And with the broad view of a journalist, she chronicles, from an ad writer’s perspective, the current state of the agency business.  What hasn’t changed from when I banged out copy, according to Iezzi, is that today’s agency writers, more than ever, need to be craftsmen and women.  “Even, in a digital world, writers write,” she says.     

But, even more important, today’s Idea Writers must be brand storytellers across multiple platforms.  And the big new skills are having the ability to involve the end target customer in the story, to introduce design thinking, to introduce digital thinking and to be collaborative.  A great dialog writer today, for example, must be able to sustain the conversation and get everyone talking. 

I breathed a sigh of relief after finishing The Idea Writers.  Why?  Because we’ve got some great idea writers here, authors of multiplatform brand ideas like Make Today Famous, an idea that has made Everything Talk for Famous Footwear in broadcast, in-store, on Facebook, even through iTunes.  And we have reshaped our organization within the last six months to bring Idea Writers — brand storytellers, first and foremost — together in a collaborative environment with new friends beside their old art director buddies:  experience planners, creative technologists and interactive producers.

The bottom line, according to Iezzi:  There has never been a more exciting time to be an advertising copywriter.  It almost makes me feel like finding my first IBM Selectric and starting my career all over.

Steve Wehrenberg, CEO 

Jan 13

Campbell Mithun Turns to Twitter for Intern Applications

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CLICK HERE: Adage.com 01/13/11

Jan 13

Campbell Mithun to Select its 2011 Lucky 13 Interns via 13-Tweet Application Process

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Candidates must send tweets during a 13-day period beginning February 13, 2011

 MINNEAPOLIS -- Agency Campbell Mithun will hire its group of 2011 Lucky 13 summer interns based on an application of 13 Career-Launching Tweets sent between the dates of February 13 – 25, 2011.  The process gives job seekers thirteen 140-character chances to showcase their strengths and their social-media moxie.  Interested applicants should register via the Lucky 13 website.

“Submitting an application via Twitter supports the digital and creative nature of our business,” said Debbie Fischer, vice president and human resources manager for the agency.  “We anticipate a lively and interesting social-media exchange.”

Each summer the agency offers a paid internship to a group of Lucky 13 interns who have just completed their junior or senior year of college.  Each intern becomes a member of a specific agency department, yet the interns also share and learn from each other.  In 2011, interns will be hired in the following discipline areas:

  • - Account Management:  These teams guide and direct how the agency makes Everything Talk for a specific client brand.
  • - Media: Staffers in the Compass Point Media unit recommend just the right way to deliver a brand message to its audience – and get  the deal done.
  • - Creative: Interns will work as an art director or a copywriter, depending on their own creative bent.
  • - Technology: Campbell Mithun techies make lots of cool stuff happen digitally to create immersive and engaging consumer  experiences for brands.

The 2011 10-week paid internship runs June 6 – August 12. Last summer, six Lucky 13 interns joined the agency; one received a job offer at summer’s end.

Lucky 13 Twitter Application Process

1. January 13, 2011: Registration opens on www.lucky13internship.com.  Eligibility: Applicants MUST be a college student with a graduation date between fall 2010 and summer 2012.

2. February 13-25, 2011: Candidates submit application in the form of 13 Career-Launching Tweets.  Each tweet must:

  – Include primary #L13 hashtag 
  – Include secondary hashtag identifying targeted internship discipline:   
     - Account Management: #CMam
     - Media: #CMcpm
     - Creative: #CMcr8
     - Technology: #CMt3ch
  – Communicate applicant’s qualifications for the targeted discipline

Based on the 13-tweet application, finalists will be selected and invited to in-person interviews at the agency.  Interns will be selected by the end of March.

About Campbell Mithun’s Lucky 13 Internship

 Some believe that 13 is an unlucky number. But as Ray Mithun, co-founder of Campbell Mithun, once said, “If thirteen is unlucky for some people, it must be lucky for someone else.” The Lucky 13 internship program seeks those individuals who can be someone else -- those who have the courage to go against the grain and to believe in original ideas and creative solutions. Every summer, a group of lucky individuals participates in a 10-week, paid internship at Campbell Mithun. The interns work in their choice of discipline: account management, creative, media or technology. And they do real work for real clients, alongside real professionals, earning a real chance to start their careers as full-time members of the advertising community. 

Websites:  www.cmithun.com; www.compasspoint-media.com; www.brandoptix.com


Jan 12

Work it Wednesday: Turning a College Internship into a Job

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CLICK HERE: Kare11.com 01/12/11 

Jan 05

Best Buy Leaning on In-Store and Online Advetorials

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CLICK HERE: Startribune.com 1/5/11 

Jan 05

Campbell Mithun Fills CCO Post

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CLICK HERE: Adweek.com 1/5/11 

Jan 04

Campbell Mithun Hires Heath Rudduck as Chief Creative Officer

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Rudduck to host live-streamed Talkinar  about digital creativity on February 16 at 1 pm CST

MINNEAPOLIS – Campbell Mithun announced today the appointment of new chief creative officer Heath Rudduck, formerly executive creative director at Digitas Boston region (includes offices in Detroit, Atlanta and Boston).  Rudduck, a 20-year international industry veteran widely considered one of the founders of digital creativity in Australia, assumed Campbell Mithun’s top creative post today, January 5, 2011. 

“Heath truly understands how communications are rapidly evolving and has a vision for how we move beyond campaigns to create more meaningful connections between brands and consumers,” said Rachael Marret, president and director of integrated client services. “In addition to his creative firepower and passion, Heath has a unique depth of technical knowledge, which fortifies our already strong ability to create rich consumer experiences that drive real business impact.”

Rudduck’s appointment marks the second phase of the agency’s recent acceleration toward a more digitally centric future, following its merger this past summer with digital leader MRM Worldwide (Minneapolis).  Together Rudduck and Marret, as chief creative officer and president, respectively, now fill the vacancy created by the departure of former president and CCO Jonathan Hoffman in December 2009.

“I’m very excited to join a team that has embraced from top to tail the changes coming across the marketing landscape,” said Rudduck.  “Campbell Mithun has infused technical innovation and creativity throughout the organization instead of merely adopting a ‘digital swagger’ to pacify onlookers.”

Rudduck brings to the agency a strong track record of managing creative output for digital, integrated and traditional accounts, while also proving himself a master at nurturing client relationships and delivering new business to the bottom line.  His passion for brand storytelling fits squarely with Campbell Mithun’s own venerable brand-building reputation.

“One of the great things about Heath, we felt, was how much his leadership style and experience complement the talent in our creative department, especially executive creative director Reid Holmes,” said CEO Steve Wehrenberg.  “In partnership, Heath and Reid will continue to deliver big ideas that make Everything Talk for our clients’ brands.  And we want to thank Reid for his passionate stewardship of our creative department this past year.”

While at Digitas, Rudduck contributed to the high performance of the Boston region by helping land the Aflac account, double the P&G business, win Goodyear, and assist GMC and Buick with emerging from the post-bankruptcy landscape.  Previously, he played digital leadership roles at Tribal DDB (Australia) and DDB Melbourne, as well as at Squib, Zivo and BBDO Interactive (Australia), all of which he also founded/co-founded.  He earned his creative stripes as an art director for both Clemenger BBDO and Young & Rubicam.


Rudduck to host live-streamed Talkinar on February 16 at 1 pm CST

Rudduck will jump right in as Campbell Mithun’s creative chief by hosting a live interactive Talkinar conversation about digital creativity via the agency’s website on February 16 at 1 pm CST.  On event day, website visitors can watch the live-streamed video and participate by submitting comments/questions via the event’s chat feature or on Twitter (hashtag: #talkinar).  To receive more information about the upcoming Talkinar, send an email to talkinar@cmithun.com, including “send details” in the subject line.  The February 16th Talkinar will be the second in a series of video-streamed digital conversations hosted by the agency.


About Campbell Mithun

Campbell Mithun has thrived for 77 years guided by Ray Mithun’s founding philosophy:  make “everything talk” for client brands.  The agency has built a national brand-building reputation and, with its Compass Point Media unit and BrandOptix package-design resource, continues to build client success in today’s digital marketplace by making Everything Talk at each (increasingly granular) point of customer contact. 


Websites:  www.cmithun.com; http://www.compasspoint-media.com/; http://www.brandoptix.com/


Jan 04

Campbell Mithun New CCO Heath Rudduck to Host Talkinar

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MINNEAPOLIS – Get ready to get talking about the power of digital creativity.  Campbell Mithun’s new chief creative officer Heath Rudduck will host an interactive online Talkinar conversation -- live-streamed on www.cmithun.com -- about creativity in this digital age at 1 pm (CST) on February 16, 2011. (Save the date!)


On event day, website visitors can watch the live-streamed conversation between Heath and the website audience and participate by submitting comments/questions via the event’s chat feature or on Twitter (hashtag: #talkinar).  Additional details about the upcoming Talkinar will be available soon; to receive more information, send an email to talkinar@cmithun.com, including “send details” in the subject line. 


The February 16th Talkinar is the second in a series of video-streamed digital conversations hosted by the agency. 


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