Feb 28

The Egotist Briefs: Heath Rudduck, CCO Campbell Mithun

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LINK: TheMinneapolisEgotist.com 2/28/11 

Feb 28

A Look Inside Campbell Mithun

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LINK:  TheMinneapolisEgotist.com 2/28/11

Feb 16

The Campbell Mithun Empathetic Brand Scorecard

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click here for PDF version (& print as poster)


On Wednesday Feb 16 we hosted a lively discussion about Empathetic Brands in today’s Web 3.0 world.   No worries if you missed the conversation; we’ve posted an archived version of the discussion at www.cmithun.com/talkinar


As part of our conversation, we discussed the Empathetic Brand Scorecard you’ll find above.  The matrix breaks out three different dimensions of how to provide brand empathy and shows a continuum of progress towards creating an empathetic brand experience for consumers.


Feel free to use this scorecard as you see fit.  Print it out.  Make it poster sized.  Circle your current Empathetic Brand “score” and track your progress.  And let us know what you think. 


-- Sean O’Brien, tech-convergence tracker, director of technology and innovation


Feb 14

Interns Are Our Future

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While walking by the Truth Wall last week I stopped to see if any brilliant advertising minds had added new odes to honesty.  Looking over the handful of new yellow Post-Its, I ran across a certain one that I remembered from last summer: “Interns are our future.” 

Now I don’t know if I personally believe that statement to be true (is everything on the Truth Wall really true?), but I do know from my experience at Campbell Mithun that the company’s Lucky 13 intern program plays an important role in the culture of this agency.

This year’s program has been receiving nationwide attention for its decision to use Twitter as the means to the candidate’s application process.  Applicants will have the chance to submit their application through a series of 13 tweets between the dates of February 13 – 25, 2011.  Is the application open ended?  Yes, but it has people talking.

As we dive into this process I can’t tell you how satisfying it has been to see people from every department volunteer to be a part of this undertaking.  With the largest applicant pool we’ve ever had (and growing exponentially as you read this), it has become an agency-wide goal to bring in the very best and brightest and to give them the opportunity to launch their careers at Campbell Mithun this summer.


Whether these interns ultimately become the future or not, the yellow Post-It that inspired this blog was right next to the one that reads,





“Anything good is better wrapped in bacon.”  I think we all agree that’s not false.




Let the tweeting begin.

 -- Kevin Hughes, former Lucky 13 intern, bacon lover


Feb 08

Were Super Bowl Ads Too Risque?

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Feb 07

Super Bowl. My top 5…

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Okay, the game has played.  The Packers won it.  (They did seem to want it more.) And all the spot have played.  I must admit, I missed a couple on the game. But  caught up thanks to YouTube.  So here’s my top 5

1.  VW  “The Force”  Still tops.   And, yes, as I said earlier, the story about this spot only starts with the wonderful execution.  It will be all about VW’s smart strategy of letting the spot enter pop culture and pre-empt the game. (Post game:  clearly, this spot had more emotional impact as a :60.  So releasing it as a :60 before the game, where it played as a :30,  makes even more sense.  Still the stand out great spot of the game.)

2. Chrysler,  Eminem.  This spot grabbed me and had me ready to be snarky and cynical and hate it at the beginning.  But as I watched it, it grabbed me.  And in the end, I loved it.  Eminem spoke for Detroit, and in a sense, for America, and the crap this country is facing.

3.  Doritos.   “House Sitting”  (Previously called: "Grandpa")   Most Doritos spots were sophomoric and stupid. (See also…Bud Light, Pepsi Max, GoDaddy and yes, most other Dorito’s spots.)  But here, a really fun macguffin, with the product at its center.  Love the absurdity of it.

  Played great in the party I was attending.

4.  Chevy.  For good old fashioned greatly conceived, greatly executed advertising, you’re not gonna get better.  Solid. Whmisical. Entertaining.  Smart.  Most all of the spots solid, obviously created by responsible adults.  (Personal favorite:  Camero, "Miss Evelyn."  But most Chevy spots, uncharacteristically solid.)

5. Audi – The spot was great.  But they built a huge story around the entire idea of oppressive luxury.  Love it. Check out the online videos.  The Kenny G version the better of the two.

Close 6’s…

Lipton Brisk,  Etrade (baby),  CarMax Candy Store, NFL American Family,  VW Black Beetle.

As has been said, easy to be a critic, hard to get good work out on the air,  especially during the SuperBowl game.   So I react how I react. I'd be curious to see how this might line up with the USA Today ad ranking.  [Editor’s note:  USAToday ad ranking here.]

-- Reid Holmes, ECD, Campbell Mithun


Feb 06


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I was asked by a local TV affiliate FOX 9 to appear Monday morning to talk about my favorite Super Bowl spots.  I originally thought the topic of this post would be just that, my top 5 favorite, and I’d write it after the game.

However, a different narrative has developed and begs attention.  As Sunday progressed and I started catching up on Twitter and Facebook, I was struck by the fact that opinion on most of them is already taking shape in social media.  In fact, many of the spots, or their teasers, were already aggregated for viewing by Saturday on Mashable.  Or by the very brands the spots advertise. 

The entire strategy of keeping a spot under wraps has changed.  Witness VW’s wonderful “The Force”.    As of this writing, over 12 MILLION views.  (My estimation, this spot is getting 300,000 views an hour. Talk about leveraging your investment.) Youtube, having also adopted a football visual with it’s iconic logo, is officially the superbowl advertiser’s best friend. 

So given this, my top 5 spots as of this writing at 1:30 p.m. Sunday, based on what I’ve seen on the interwebs…

1.       VW  “The Force”  The story about this spot only starts with the wonderful execution.  It will be all about VW’s smart strategy of letting the spot enter pop culture and pre-empt the game.

2.       Chevy.  A tie for me between "Miss Evelyn" and "Misunderstanding." As a creative person, they’re inspiring for almost mutually exclusive reasons.

3.  Doritos.  "Grandpa"   A really fun macguffin with the product at its center.  Love the absurdity of it.

4.  E-Trade.  The baby still seems fresh, but I wonder how much longer they’ll be able to pull it off.  Based on the clip I saw, should be another fun spot.

5.  Audi – Their campaign built around the “oppression” of old luxury.  The teaser films look great.  Hope they can make it sing on the game.

I’ll repost later with my final list, after having watched them all on the game.

-- Reid Holmes, ECD

Feb 02

Campbell Mithun Plans Live-Streamed Talkinar about Empathetic Brands

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MINNEAPOLIS – Local ad agency Campbell Mithun will host a live-streamed online conversation about how marketers can create Empathetic Brands in today’s Web 3.0 world.  Three agency leaders will discuss with online participants how Empathetic Brands deliver heaps of value in real time because they naturally know, understand, and anticipate consumer needs.  Guests will watch the conversation via live-streamed video and participate via online chat or #talkinar on Twitter.

Topic:    Empathetic Brands:  Delivering Value to Empowered Consumers

Date:      Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Time:     1-2 pm (CT)

View invitation / register:  http://bit.ly/TalkCM

To participate:  On event day, click the Talkinar link on www.cmithun.com


Discussion Leaders

 Heath Rudduck, chief creative officer, could talk your ear off about his passion for big organizing ideas and untapped creative possibilities.  He hails from Australia, has worked around the globe, and landed in January (hallelujah) at Campbell Mithun.

Rachael Marret, president and director of integrated client services, oversees the integration of digital capabilities throughout client services, technology and production. 

Sean O’Brien, director of technology and innovation, develops (literally) solutions to power consumer-and-brand engagement.  He’s a cross-platform architect and creator of rich social and mobile applications for the presentation layer as well.  Cool stuff.


Feb 02

Enter the NINJAGO!

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Is there anything better to do on these chilly winter days than sprawl out on the carpet with a smattering of Legos? (Yes, I can think of other things too.) But I personally LOVE Legos. I've been an enormous fan since I was knee high and must have spent 100’s of hours building worlds and telling stories with my little plastic creations.

Over the last decade we have watched Lego claw back from the brink of plastic brick oblivion. From Mind Storms to clever merchandising partnerships that have netted millions, Lego is on fire.

The latest launch NINJAGO is based on a story written by Kevin and Dan Hageman, who also wrote the forthcoming Sony Animation pic Hotel Transylvania. They were hired by Lego to create the story upon which this whole new line is based.

This is a very interesting development. To date, Lego has leveraged massive properties such as Star Wars, Batman and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Not to mention Harry Potter. All of these also became gaming properties as well. Now, they are writing the stories and developing their own characters. If it works, that entire licensing fee stays in the bank.

Take a look. It's a story, it's a toy, it's a game, but most importantly, it's Ninjas and Lego!

Domo arigato gozaimasu, Lego!

-- Heath Rudduck, chief creative officer, Spinjitzu Master


Feb 01


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MINNEAPOLIS (February 1, 2011) Campbell Mithun of Minneapolis has been named the largest Advertising Agency in Minnesota by the state’s leading business information provider, Twin Cities Business.

“We’re honored to be acknowledged by this ranking and take seriously our position as a leader in this marketplace,” said Campbell Mithun CEO Steve Wehrenberg.

Campbell Mithun topped Twin Cities Business’s annual Top 25 Advertising Agencies list, which ranks the state’s largest firms based on net revenue. The list is one of 82 published in the 2011 Twin Cities Business Information Guide, which provides current information on 2,000 organizations ranging from banks and accounting firms to health care insurers, colleges and universities, and IT consultants.


“There are other ‘top 25’ lists out there, but none are as comprehensive and accurate as those found in our annual business information guide,” says Dale Kurschner, editor-in-chief of Twin Cities Business. “Every word in every line is scrutinized for accuracy. It’s one reason why last year’s guide won ‘Best Directory’ from the Minnesota Magazine and Publishing Association in 2010.”


Called the Twin Cities Business B.I.G. Book, the 162-page annual business information guide is available on select newsstands throughout the Twin Cities, including those found at most Barnes & Noble, Borders and Byerly’s locations.

About Twin Cities Business

Minneapolis-based Twin Cities Business publishes news, analysis and commentary about the state’s most interesting business leaders, challenges and opportunities daily at http//www.TCBmag.com, weekly via its e-newsletter “Briefcase,” and monthly through the award-winning Twin Cities Business magazine.

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