Sep 21

Top Twin Cities Radio Personalities Speak Out about Connecting to Listeners, Advertisers

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I had the privilege of moderating a panel discussion featuring on-air personalities from nine different Twin Cities radio stations at an event hosted by the Alliance for Women in Media (formerly AWRT) last week. The discussion -- entitled “Twin Cities Radio Personalities: how are they staying connected to their listeners and relevant to their advertisers?” -- covered a wide range of programming topics and challenges facing the radio industry.  Panelists included:

Overall, the personalities provided great insight about their radio worlds, their connection to listeners and how they can help advertisers’ brands grow given the right direction.  For more than an hour they kept the 125+ attendees entertained with informative, sometimes irreverent and often hilarious banter. 

Panelist Insights

    • 1. "Being Real" trumps all else in connecting with audience
    • 2. Show prep happens around the clock (all of life is fodder)
    • 3. Job of extending brand reach (of talent and station) now happens 24/7 and “off air” as well as during the show
    • 4. For best advertiser-talent partnership, talent must have affinity for product
    • 5. Local radio personalities have the advantage of connecting one-on-one to area listeners (satellite radio can't touch this!)
    • 6. Local Radio is still FREE and can produce excellent ROI for advertisers

I was a little hesitant to put all of these very competitive personalities in one room together, but after a few minutes knew it would be a lot of fun. And it was. One attendee commented: “Tons of good energy . . . TOTALLY ENTERTAINING.”

  • Carol Grothem, radio addict, VP Broadcast Manager, Compass Point Media
Sep 03

Campbell Mithun Provides Pro Bono Advertising for Local United Way Campaign

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Ads urge community:  “When you can’t do, donate.”

MINNEAPOLIS – Greater Twin Cities United Way’s workplace campaign has launched with ads donated by local agency Campbell Mithun. The “When you can’t do, donate” campaign emphasizes the make-a-difference power of a donation to the United Way.  Ads feature people (real donors, by the way) who want “to do something” for others but feel ill-equipped to give hands-on help: a cook offers a burned turkey, a handyman falls off a ladder, etc.

“We wanted to capture the giving spirit of the Twin Cities community, but with a lighthearted approach appropriate for these economic times,” said executive creative director Reid Holmes.  “These are fun, self-deprecating reminders that a donation to the United Way is easy and helps the community in very specific ways.”

Campbell Mithun developed versions of the creative for billboards, radio spots, online video and digital banners.  Digital ads offer click-through-to-donate functionality, and donors can follow “yourUWdonations” via Twitter for updates about local donations in action.  Advertising placements were secured by Haworth Media and will run from the end of August into October.

This campaign marks the sixth year Campbell Mithun has provided pro bono work to support Greater Twin Cities United Way’s workplace campaign.  Chaired this year by US Bancorp CEO Richard Davis, the 2010 effort aims to raise $87 million to address the most pressing needs in the Minneapolis / St. Paul metro area. In past years, the annual drive has secured donations from approximately 120,000 donors at 1,200 different workplaces. 

About Campbell Mithun

Since its formation in 1933, Campbell Mithun has a history of philanthropy inspired by founder Ray Mithun, who served on many community boards, set up minority scholarships at the U of MN, endowed a Chair of Advertising there and is quoted as saying:  “There is no lasting success, happiness or reward unless a man is truly useful – useful to his family, to his business and to his community.”  Current agency CEO Steve Wehrenberg teaches at the U of MN and sits on Greater Twin Cities United Way’s board of directors.

Campbell Mithun has a national brand-building reputation and, with its Compass Point Media unit and BrandOptix package-design resource, continues to build client marketplace success by making Everything Talk at each (increasingly granular) point of customer contact. 



Sep 02

A Final Word from the 2010 Lucky 13 Interns

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 The end of summer has brought the departure of our six fantastic Lucky 13 interns.  (Sniffle.)  In true over-achieving form, they pulled together a “goodbye” in two formats: a presentation deck (by Caroline Rudzinski)  

I am lucky presentation 

and a five-minute “Third- and Final-Impressions Video.”  

Final Impressions Video

Take a quick look at either, and you’ll see why we were the lucky ones to have this crew around. 

--Kristine Olson, director of corporate communications, Lucky 13 fan

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