Mar 31

Welcome to our new Everything Talks web site.

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Welcome to our new Everything Talks web site.

I teach a grad school class in strategic communications at the University of Minnesota.  One day recently I was thunderstruck by a display in the hallway down from my classroom honoring Ray Mithun and his endowed chair in the School of Journalism.

First, I thought what an honor it is to lead the place that bears his name.  Second, I thought that this taciturn Norwegian’s philosophies about strategic communications seem even more relevant today than they were when he founded our agency on this day in 1933.

In 1956 (the year I was born, by the way), Ray said, “We had better try to help in every part of the communications job.  Because everything talks.  The display.  The colors.  The price.  Not just the advertising.” (See “Philosophy.”)

And today we help make Everything Talk for our clients’ brands.  And when we do it right, Everybody Talks about them.

In an age of mass confusion about effective marketing communications, I love working for a place that has a history of thinking right.

Mar 31

Minnesota Business April 2010- Campbell Mithun is Playing with Food

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