Jun 23

Welcome Lucky 13 Interns

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The Lucky 13 interns, class of 2010, have arrived at Campbell Mithun.  Without wasting a moment, they’ve dug in and made an impact.  (The energy, that initiative, those smarts!)


True to tradition, these summer interns are proving to be, yet again, the cream of the crop. This year they once again join us from coast to coast (Pasadena to Norfolk and everything in between). Their skill sets and backgrounds are by far the most diverse we’ve ever had; and, dare I say, this team of Lucky 13 may prove to be the strongest group yet. (Sorry former 13ers, but this group is good – REALLY good!) Their enthusiasm and energy is infectious, and we can’t wait to see what they are truly capable of.


Click to view video.


If you want a sneak peek at this year’s bunch, take a look at this quick clip of their first impressions of Campbell Mithun.  And check back here for their mid- and late-summer “video reports” about what they “really” think of their Lucky 13 experience.


To keep even closer tabs on them, follow the @The_Lucky_13 on Twitter and find Campbell Mithun Lucky 13 on Facebook.


They may be called the Lucky 13, but, frankly, we’re the lucky ones.


-- Debbie Fischer, VP human resources, intern groupie


Jun 23

Talkinar Feedback, Anyone?

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Congrats to YOU for helping shape a lively Talkinar discussion today.  Your chats, Tweets and listening ear shaped this conversation.

It’s feedback time:   Tell us about your Talkinar experience in the comment section below.  What worked and is worth repeating?  What should be avoided?   What topics would you like to discuss next? 

And what about the discussion itself?   Learn something new about your marketing landscape?  Gain insights about your brand storytelling?  How about that social-media pay-off?  Log your thoughts here; we’d love to know.

Two housekeeping items:  If you missed the Talkinar (or want to re-live it), go to:  cmithun.com/talkinar   To get word of future Talkinar events, visit cmithun.com/talkinar and click on “Notify me of future events.” 

Now, log onto that comment section and keep talking.

Jun 15

Top 13 Reasons to Attend our Talkinar

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Campbell Mithun’s Talkinar, titled “How do you tell your brand story in a 140-character world?” is coming up next week. As one of the folks who is lucky enough to moderate the event, I thought I’d share a lucky list of the top 13 reasons why you should tune in.

13. You’ve been asked to provide an ROI for investing in social media, and you’re not quite sure how to answer the question.

12. You haven’t yet hit your quota of social media seminars, webinars, blog posts, articles, tweets or (dare I say) IRL conversations about social media this week.

11. You have thoughts to share about who really wins in this new landscape: Is it the consumer? The brands? The agencies? Media outlets?

10. You actually get to contribute to the conversation during this live event and could even win a gift card for an iPad just for sharing your thoughts.

9.    You’ve been tasked with finding ways to provide consumers with “social currency” in your upcoming social media campaign, and none of the sites you found when you Googled “printing money” have been much help.

8.    How often do you have the chance to see a brand marketer, an academic, and a pop-culture soothsayer in the same room -- talking about the same thing -- with each other?

7.    I hear Adina Dahlin and Chris Wexler are pretty smart and funny. Especially that Adina chick.

6.    Your boss/client has asked you, what’s the “bottom line” expectation for a brand’s social media presence, and what should I be doing in the space? You have one week to report back.

5.    You’ve had a secret (man)crush on John Rash for years.

4.    You’re interested in further exploring how brand storytelling has changed in the world of ubiquitous social media usage – what’s different about the conversation? How have the roles of brands and consumers changed?

3.    You’ve always liked Campbell Mithun. We’re such a smart and creative agency and,   doggonit, we have such nice people, too.

2.    You are still a firm believer in traditional marketing planning and would like to hear from others what constants have remained core to brand   storytelling in the new landscape.

1.    Did I mention the iPad?

Jun 10

Saving the News

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Legitimate, credible news, based on real journalism, is one of the critical pillars in the content pool that drives advertising-supported media regardless of how consumers access it.  The business of newspaper journalism is in freefall as we all know -- check out this wickedly funny and painfully true segment from The Onion News Network:http://www.theonion.com/video/boston-globe-tailors-print-edition-for-three-remai,17572/

Google has its own take on the situation:  A great piece by James Fallows in The Atlantic lays out Google’s counterintuitive desire to save real reporting and news, and the multiple ways they are attacking the problem.  A favorite quote:  “Nothing will work, but everything might.”  Check it out: http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/print/2010/04/how-to-save-the-news/8095/

Just this week, AOL announced its intention to hire “hundreds” of journalists to produce content for online consumption.   See the Ad Age article: http://adage.com/digital/article?article_id=144334

-- Dick Hurrelbrink, news-content junkie, president of Compass Point Media

Jun 07

Campbell Mithun plans live-streamed Talkinar to celebrate launch of Everything Talks website

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See the e-invite (and a 30-sec promo spot): http://cmtalkinar.eventbrite.com/

Get ready to get talking about how social media impacts branding strategy. Campbell Mithun will celebrate the recent launch of its new website by hosting a live interactive online conversation between a panel of key industry players and you. 


Topic: “How do you tell your Brand Story in a 140-character world?”
Date:  Wednesday, June 23, 2010
Time:  1-2 pm (CDT)

Save the Date:

To Participate: 
Click “add to calendar” on invite: http://cmtalkinar.eventbrite.com/

Join event via Talkinar link on our website; no registration required. 

On event day, watch the live-streamed video at www.cmithun.com and submit your comments/questions via the event’s chat feature or on Twitter.  Use the hashtag #talkinar for the chance to win a gift card for a free iPad (see rules). 

 Talkinar Panelists

  • Will Smith, senior vice president of marketing, Famous Footwear division of Brown Shoe Company:  In his role of directing all marketing of the Famous Footwear brand, Will has refined the brand’s positioning, upgraded in-store communications, led the brand’s foray into digital and social media, and launched the company’s successful “Make Today Famous” national advertising campaign.

  • John Eighmey, current Raymond O. Mithun chair in advertising, U of M’s School of Journalism / Mass Communication:  A national authority on advertising and marketing, John was one of the ten most widely cited scholars on Internet Advertising in 2008.

  • John Rash, 25-year advertising/media veteran and current editorial writer and Editorial Board member at the Star Tribune:  John has spent decades analyzing the cultural, creative and commercial factors that shape media and the public’s consumption of it.


About Campbell Mithun

Minneapolis ad agency Campbell Mithun (www.cmithun.com) launched its new Everything Talks website on its 77th anniversary this spring.  Named for a phrase penned by founder Ray Mithun, the website communicates the agency’s commitment – especially in this age of digital and interactive marketing – to helping clients achieve marketplace success by making Everything Talk for brands at each point of customer contact.

Everything Talks