Jul 28

Famous Footwear launches new Back-to-School advertising

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Latest ads in national Make Today Famous campaign feature “time-slice” technology and an interactive text-for-coupon offer

MINNEAPOLIS – Famous Footwear’s national back-to-school ads debut this week featuring a time-slice filming technique new to the mid-tier shoe-retailer category.  Developed by agency Campbell Mithun as part of the Make Today Famous campaign, the fast-paced ads capture teens in mid-air situations – garage-band jam, BMX tricks, break dancing, cheerleader jump splits -- with the most famous brands of shoes on their feet.

“Back-to-School is such a busy time for families, we wanted to depict the idea of stopping to absorb and enjoy the many great moments that make each day famous during this season,” said Will Smith, Famous Footwear’s senior vice president of marketing. “Campbell Mithun has been a terrific partner in understanding our vision and translating that through a technology that also gives viewers something exciting to watch.”

The ads aim to catch texters mid-action as well, with two of the campaign’s seven TV spots featuring a text-in offer for an additional 20 percent off the buy-one-get-one-half-off back-to-school sale.  Consumers can also opt-in via text to receive future Famous Footwear offers.

Campaign Details

Campbell Mithun filmed the nine scenes of the back-to-school spots in three days, partnering with director Nez and a film crew that used a 20-camera rig and a Canon 5D camera for the shots.  The flight of fast-paced Back-to-School ads includes general brand spots (:30, :15), text-for-coupon spots (:30, :15) and three buy-one-get-one-half-off spots (:30, two :15s).

“Everything – the choice of technique, cast and wardrobe – came together to create a spot that hopefully conveys the same inspiration consumers will get from the styles and brands they'll find at Famous Footwear,” said Robert Clifton, executive creative director at Campbell Mithun.

The national campaign runs on television for seven weeks and includes companion radio and print executions.   Other production partners include:  editor, JD Smyth / Final Cut; visual effects, The Mill; and original soundtrack, Nylon. Spark is the media agency.

Make Today Famous

Famous Footwear’s Make Today Famous campaign was created by Campbell Mithun in 2009.   The campaign features a series of vignettes showing how people can make even everyday activities “famous” in their own unique ways, influenced by the shoes on their feet. The 2010 Back-to-School executions dial up the power of these life moments and are the fourth seasonal effort under the Make Today Famous campaign umbrella.

About Famous Footwear

Famous Footwear is a leading family branded footwear destination, with 1,100 stores nationwide and e-commerce site FamousFootwear.com. The chain offers consumers more than 80 nationally recognized brands, including Nike, Skechers, Naturalizer, Puma, Steve Madden, Converse, New Balance, DC, Rocket Dog and Carlos by Carlos Santana, and features a broad assortment of toning footwear from brands like Skechers and Reebok. A proud national partner of the March of Dimes, the retailer sponsors March for Babies walk events in more than 1,000 communities nationwide. Famous Footwear is operated by the retail subsidiary of Brown Shoe Company, Inc. (NYSE:BWS), which has $2.3 billion in sales as a retailer and wholesaler of footwear. For more information, visit www.famousfootwear.com and www.brownshoe.com.

About Campbell Mithun

Minneapolis-based agency Campbell Mithun (www.cmithun.com) has 77 years of experience creating marketplace success for clients.  The agency’s “Everything Talks” integration philosophy engages client brands with consumers at each and every point of contact.

Jul 28

A “Mid-Internship” Report from the Lucky 13 Trenches

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From the moment we, the interns, stepped into the illustrious Campbell Mithun space, we were welcomed like true members of the team instead of mere temporary low-on-the-totem-pole peasants.  We received the full-agency tour, shook hundreds of hands, and logged onto email to find approximately 84 messages waiting.

Now, maybe those of you reading this are, by now, so used to working life that you can scarcely recall those first few weeks when you began your careers, so let me put it in perspective. For all six of us, this was a golden opportunity — one we reached for with trembling but eager hands, mere Bambis in a Tim Burton-esque universe. We were dying — dying — to start working with clients, rolling out creative, planning media flights, and mapping the digital landscape.

And almost immediately, that’s what happened. Before we had figured out how to find our cubes on our own, we found ourselves inundated with projects and client work. Kevin and Dan, our creative interns, had concepts due by the third day; Stephanie, in digital strategy, was analyzing SEO keywords and conducting social media audits; Caroline barely breathed between her account management client meetings; and Grace and I were throwing around media-speak lingo and acronyms like we’d written the dictionary. We were breathless with projects and new knowledge, like Ariel experiencing a whole new world, or Jasmine on a magic carpet ride, or Nemo on a death-defying journey back home.  (Yeah, we’re up to some pretty epic stuff.)

In between all that real-world advertising work, and all the intern meetings, and the question-asking, and the not sleeping, and the coffee-slamming, and the panic attacks, we’ve actually found time to contribute in other ways too. Like the Intern Golf Day we hosted last week to benefit United Way. Our theme was “Around the World in 6 Holes,” and for two afternoon hours, we offered some much-needed agency-wide playtime. 


Check out the video.

All lightheartedness aside, our experience here has been incredible. In our post-work happy hours, amongst ourselves, there’s a palpable sense of “Are they really letting us do this? Do people really get paid to do this? This is the sweetest gig EVER.”

As fresh-faced rookies in the industry, we’ve had our ears and eyes wide open for gathering sage advice and learning the ropes. We’ve been standing at the bottom of the mountain staring dreamily up, seeing the possibilities. The “Lucky 13” has never seemed more appropriate name, and as we face our three remaining weeks, I feel us taking a collective breath — poised and ready for the climb.

-- Natalie Gallagher, Lucky 13 media intern, data-tracker wonder girl


Jul 22

Left awestruck by "Inception": Pure Originality

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Working in a business of ideas, I can attest to how rare it is for something truly original to get made. It's rare in marketing. (Witness: The Old Spice Man Your Man Could Smell Like, Twitter-YouTube internet-takeover tour de force: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/38282026/ns/business-small_business) And it's rare in movies, where money is invested in the tried and true, and stories and scripts are dumbed down for broader appeal and less investor risk. (Scripts are even pitched in Hollywood by association. Regarding "Knight and Day" starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz: It's "True Lies" meets "Mr. & Mrs. Smith!" Or "Killers" starring Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl: It's "True Lies" meets "Mr. & Mrs. Smith!")

So I thought I would pause in this space to, as Stephen Colbert would say, tip my hat to Christopher Nolan, the writer and director of this masterpiece called "Inception." What he has achieved in this film is nothing short of true originality. It's a film with no ancestors. An original idea demands of its creators that everything done in service of its execution live up to the original insight. And they've done it here. It is an inspired piece -- a story idea that simply forces invention at every turn: in plot, production, special effects, and overall execution.

"What's the most resilient parasite?" asks Leonardo DiCaprio's character Cobb. "An idea. A single idea from the human mind can transform the world and rewrite the rules." With "Inception," Christopher Nolan has done that for movies.

Anyone in the business of creating ideas should see "Inception." It's a film that pays true allegiance to the beauty of original thought. In content and execution, it's like nothing else.

For those who have seen the movie (spoiler alert!), here's a cool site:

Reid Holmes,EVP/Exec. Creative Director

Jul 07

Chipotle Ad Campaign Gets Meta

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