Dec 21

A Wonderful Tradition: Holiday Angels

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altIn 1958, Ray Mithun’s growing agency pioneered an artful and creative holiday tradition:  angels as holiday gifts for friends of Campbell Mithun.  This year we gave out more than 800. 

For the first three and one-half decades, we sent our angels mostly to clients.  In 1985 or so,  I remember my client, a junior product manager at Land O’Lakes, pointing out half a dozen or more in our lobby display case that his domineering dad, one of our top Pillsbury clients at the time, brought into their family’s home.  Apparently our angels mellowed one of Minneapolis’ most feared marketing men of that time.

There was only one exception during those years of client-only angels:  1983.  Every employee got an angel to commemorate our 50th anniversary.   That’s my favorite.  Every year when I put it on our mantel it conjures up my Wisconsin Synod Lutheran Christmas programs, “Fear not, for I bring you glad tidings of great joy.”

In 1995 we started giving angels to our employees as well.  My kids couldn’t wait each year to see the new design.  A few years ago we let each of them, now adults, pick their favorite to display in their own homes.


Now we also send angels to many of our former employees to thank them for growing our agency, mentoring our careers and being a part of our never ending community.  And for the CEO, the response can be immeasurably gratifying, complete with pictures, like this one: 



“Tell Steve I LOVE him and thank him so very much.  

These angels mean more to me (and my family) than he will ever know.    

Wonderful tradition, so honored to be included!”





-- Steve Wehrenberg, CEO


Dec 20

(SOME of) What I’ve Learned in the Past Year (In No Particular Order)

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1.  Attention is the new currency. More content has been produced in the last 2 years than in all of recorded history.  Engage. Delight. Intrigue. Inform. Give me utility. If you must interrupt me with an “ad message,” you better reward me.

2.  A new media has never caused the death of an existing one.  PS: Anyone who calls himself a social media “expert” isn’t.  You can’t be an expert in something getting reinvented every day.

3.  Mobile is gonna be huge.  2011 will be “the year of body collision injury” caused by looking at your screen while walking. (“Mobile induced real world attention deficit.” MIRWAD) Virtual worlds, mobile commerce, geo location are today’s AM Radio. Tools will be breathtakingly cool.   People will get rich.

4.  People love stories, the more visual the better.  (He typed as the parrot, perched on his computer monitor, put on a small cowboy hat and sang “Can’t Help Lovin’ That Man o’ Mine” while accompanying itself on an 8-inch ukulele.)  That said, it’s less about telling stories and more about building them.

5.  The winner of the social media economy has been announcedTruth.  Hey companies, fess up to your failures honestly and transparently and in real time, or have a good crisis plan to face the blowback.

6.  What a company does is more important than what a company says.  (See also:  number 5.)  Authenticity rules.

7.  Strategy first. Tactics second.  That will never change.  Yes, there are more shiny toys and tools every day, but if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.

8.  ROI = Risk of Ignoring.

9.  It’s a beta world.   Try. Learn. Repeat.   You have to be willing to fail to achieve more.

10:  Devices that try to predict and fix what I’m typing must stop causing me more work. When I type: “I’m on PTO, I don’t mean “I’m on POT.”

-- Reid Holmes, executive creative director

(Editor’s note: this post first appeared on The Minneapolis Egotist blog, as part of a collection of end-of-the-year thoughts by local creatives.)

Dec 17

"What I learned this year." Reid Holmes, EVP/ECD, Campbell Mithun

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CLICK HERE: 12/17/10 

Dec 16

Campbell Mithun Lands Frontier Telecom Account

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CLICK HERE: 12/16/10

Dec 15

Frontier Communications Names Campbell Mithun its National Agency of Record

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Minneapolis agency to create integrated campaign to make Everything Talk for the “Conversation Company”

STAMFORD, Conn., December 16, 2010 – Frontier Communications (NYSE: FTR), the largest provider of communications services to rural America, announced today it has awarded its national and regional advertising account to Campbell Mithun.  Campbell Mithun will support all marketing efforts to Frontier’s four million residential and commercial customers in 27 states, provide strategic direction, and coordinate all creative and media buying assignments. 

“The selection of Campbell Mithun was a very important decision by Frontier.  We tripled in size on July 1, 2010, in terms of both customers and employees.  We are committed to aggressively deploying broadband in our new markets and to increasing broadband availability in our legacy markets,” said Gayle Bock, senior vice president of marketing at Frontier.  “We’re thrilled to partner with Campbell Mithun.  Their team demonstrates a clear understanding of Frontier’s culture, our brand positioning, and, most importantly, our passion for putting the customer first.  The agency will help us make the `New Frontier’ more visible to all of our constituents – customers, shareholders, employees -- and will take our ‘Conversation Company’ to the next level.” 

Ms. Bock emphasized that Campbell Mithun’s understanding of Frontier’s local engagement model was key to its selection.  “Our local engagement differentiates us from the competition.  Our general managers live in the communities they serve and take an active role in local affairs.  We offer our customers great products that make life simpler and more productive.  Also, products like our Peace of Mind suite of services, offering hard-drive backup, live U.S.-based technical assistance and more, are available throughout the country,” Ms. Bock explained.  “Campbell Mithun’s expertise in local, regional and national marketing will help us deliver a simple, value-oriented message about all Frontier offers to residential and business customers of every type and size.”

Campbell Mithun brings to Frontier 23 years of experience in the communications industry – having worked with Verizon Wireless, Qwest, AirTouch and DISH Network – as well as a strong media offering in its Compass Point Media unit.  Campbell Mithun’s expertise extends to retail and business-to-business segments as well.

“Our agency capabilities and philosophy align squarely with this assignment,” said Campbell Mithun CEO Steve Wehrenberg, a Frontier customer for 20 years.  “We understand what it takes to customize communications in local markets nationwide, and our make `Everything Talk’ approach hits the bull’s eye for Frontier’s ‘Conversation Company’ brand.”

About Frontier Communications Corporation (NYSE: FTR)

Frontier Communications is the largest pure rural telecommunications carrier in the United States, offering communities a great quality of life via connectivity, a local workforce, and a commitment to continued local growth and prosperity. Frontier’s services include voice, High-Speed Internet, satellite video, wireless Internet data access, data security solutions, bundled offerings, specialized bundles for small businesses and home offices, and advanced business communications Access Solutions for medium and large businesses. Frontier operates in 27 states with approximately 14,800 employees. Frontier is a Fortune 500 company that is included in the S&P 500 Index.

About Campbell Mithun

Campbell Mithun has thrived for 77 years guided by Ray Mithun’s founding philosophy:  make “everything talk” for client brands.  The agency has built a national brand-building reputation and possesses key competencies for serving the retail, financial services, telecommunications and consumer packaged goods industry sectors.  With its Compass Point Media unit, it continues to build client success in today’s digital marketplace by bringing together planning insights, creative firepower, digital moxie and connections- and media-planning expertise to make Everything Talk in immersive, sustained consumer brand experiences. 

 Websites:; www.cmithun.com





Dec 10

Giving the Gift of a Word

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Want to give yourself a fun gift for the holidays?  How about a word?  Yes, a literal word.  I gave myself “coquinate” last month after hearing about a nifty new website via an “All Things Considered” story on public radio. Hard to argue against a word being a good gift for those of us in the communications biz! 

The website – – presents obsolete words (who all have personalities and voices) beckoning visitors to adopt them:  “Me!  Me!  Pick me!”  or “Over here!”  or “Hello-o-o….!”  You select a word to adopt and then just promise to use it in correspondence and conversation.  The site even offers usage ideas; you could turn your word into a pet name, a Scrabble victory or (egads!) a tattoo.  (Young and Rubicam in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, created the site to promote the print version of the Oxford English Dictionary.)

My word means “to behave as a cook.”  After sharing it and the website link with my Compass Point Media colleagues, I posted a piece of paper outside my office and encouraged people to share their adopted words.   I’m happy to report the following obscure words are back in circulation: 

  • Kexy:   dried up, brittle
  • Succisive:  spare or extra time
  • Snollygoster:  a shrewd, unprincipled person

Given that I’m making Christmas dinner this year, I definitely will coquinate quite a bit this holiday season. (I hope my meal isn’t kexy.) And in my succisive time, I’ll have lovely conversations using my new words.  Don’t be a snollygoster; join the fun.

-- Patty Brick, VP, Associate Media Director and Logophile

Dec 06

The Philadelphia Inquirer Jonathan Storm Column

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CLICK HERE: 12/6/10 

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