Apr 29

Six Campbell Mithun employees receive well-deserved promotions

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MINNEAPOLIS – Campbell Mithun announced the recent promotions of the following six employees:  Peggy Arnson, promoted to associate creative director; Alex Colvin, promoted to integrated producer; Kristy Duenwald, promoted to account supervisor (Compass Point Media); Pete Leacock, promoted to vice president, management supervisor; Tim Putnam, promoted to network and systems administrator; and Quinn Risdall, promoted to art director.

Peggy Arnson’s promotion to associate creative director reflects her client-centered ability to bring wisdom and persuasion to her creative work.  Her significant contributions to projects completed for Tresemmé, Nexxus, Land O’Lakes, Burger King Kids and SuperValu have proven her leadership skills.

Production-pro Alex Colvin has been promoted to integrated producer.  This past year Alex pulled off photo shoots in South Africa, Paris and Prague for two major agency clients.  In addition to managing international casting, integrating print and TV shoots, and rounding up talent around the globe, he “grew” tropical trees on one set and created a humid day on another.   His work speaks for itself.

Kristy Duenwald, recently named account supervisor in media division Compass Point Media, brings a passion for research and strategic thinking to the advancement of client objectives.  Currently working on the Great Clips and Chipotle accounts, Kristy also is a key member of the agency’s corporate social-media team.

A promotion to vice president, management supervisor, gives Pete Leacock well-deserved recognition for his ability to drive sound strategy and flawless execution.  In his new role, he has assumed responsibility for the TRESemmé account and continues to oversee projects with Allianz and the United Way.   Pete also has steered great work for clients including Burger King and Schwan’s.

In Tim Putnam’s new role as network and systems administrator, he has assumed responsibility for supporting the agency’s network and server infrastructure; developing, testing and implementing new systems and services; and overseeing user administration.  Since joining Campbell Mithun in January 2009, Tim’s contributions have furthered the goals of both the IT department and the agency.

Quinn Risdall’s promotion to art director recognizes her ability both to generate great creative concepts and to execute them well.  Recently contributing to work developed for clients TRESemmé, Nexxus, Land O’Lakes and Burger King Kids, Quinn now will assume more responsibility for directing a particular project’s ability to communicate with and appeal to a target audience.


Campbell Mithun(www.campbell-mithun.com)  recruits staff to join what Ray Mithun himself described as a “smart army” of professionals possessing both the breadth and depth of talent to turn an idea into business success.  Employees of the agency and its media division Compass Point Media (www.compasspoint-media.com) excel at making Everything Talk for brands at every point of consumer engagement. 

Apr 22

Compass Point Media serves up a junk-free lunch on behalf of client Chipotle

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Today Compass Point Media served up a junk-free lunch on 27 websites nationwide.  How?  We secured an “ad-free lunch” (sponsored by Chipotle) on websites across the country today from 12-1 pm (local-market time) in order to reinforce Chipotle’s junk-free brand position. Tomorrow (4/23) websites TMZ.com and USMagazine.com will again be ad-free over the lunch hour nationwide.
Chipotle is striving to get Middle America to consider where their food comes from and how it is produced.  In a High Fructose Corn Syrup world, Chipotle provides Food With Integrity.  Whenever possible Chipotle serves naturally raised meats and locally sourced produce.  They don’t even have freezers in any of their restaurants.  Bet you didn’t know that.  In fact, they have some of the highest food costs in the industry because of their principled, and delicious, stand on ingredients.   This campaign literally is fighting the good fight on how America eats.
Nationally, we bought out all ad inventory on USMagazine.com and TMZ.com as well as 25 local sites in key Chipotle markets, including the Twin Cites’ own StarTribune.com.   Blank boxes appear where the ads typically sit; they sport a small link to Chipotle’s Facebook page which, if you click, greets you with a message saying “We wanted to give you a break from junky advertising…”

Great example of how a strategic media buy can support a brand’s position.

Apr 20

The value of a brand in the "Conversation Economy."

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You wouldn't carry a purse that said on it: "I paid $1200 for this really high quality purse.  Impressive, no?"  No.  You carry a Louis Vuitton purse. And that logo sends that message for you.  You wouldn’t buy a beer that says on the label: “This beer is America. I am America. And I am proud to drink this beer.” No again. You buy a Budweiser. The beauty of “brands” is that they do the talking for you.   

Whether we realize it or not, we use brands not just for the service or functional need, but to send signals about our personal values, our status, what we believe in, to others.  (Even if we choose generic. Because that sends a signal, too.) The things we own define our values to the world.  A brand that “talks” in this way is much more valuable than one that doesn’t.  It talks for the company, it talks for the owner.  We choose certain brands because they help us tell our story for us.  And just like the person who acts as his own lawyer has a fool for a client, brands need outside, objective resources to help them see the strengths in their products, how those strengths compare to their competition, and any white space where a brand can represent a “story” that a consumer would be proud to be associated with.   

Say you are in need of a new oven. And you want something that'll last, look beautiful in your kitchen, and that you'll FEEL good about owning. Two brands have caught your eye.  One is called Sebelius.  You’ve never heard of it.  But you notice it in the appliance store and the salesman tries to talk it up.   The other is Electrolux. At the appliance store, both these brands look high quality, stylish and energy efficient.  In fact, quality wise, they're practically identical. The Sebelius might be slightly cheaper even.   So which one do you buy?  You talk it over with your husband.   He subscribes to the "happy wife, happy life" school of marriage.   So he's cool either way.  So you post a question on your Facebook stream.  "What kind of stove should I get? Sebelius? Or Electrolux?"  The responses range from “Sebelius?  What's a Sebelius?” To “Electrolux? That's a vacuum cleaner brand, darling.”  To “Have you seen those Electrolux appliance commercials with Kelly Ripa?  They look great. ” And even the snarky: “Ugh...Kelly Ripa so bugs!”   
In the end, when you're standing in the kitchen with your glass of wine talking to your friends, you want that stove to be talking, too.  You want it to be saying: “You’ve heard of me. I am of high quality. My owner is smart for having chosen me.”  The Sebelius company has not joined that conversation for you. They haven’t spent much time and effort defining their brand.  So if it were sitting in your kitchen, it wouldn’t say much about you. (In fact, there is no Sebelius brand.  It doesn’t exist and was created to make this very point.)   

You got the Electrolux.  It sent a message to the world that defined what it stands for. It says those good things for you.  It talks for you. And Everything Talks.

Apr 08

Carol Grothem of Compass Point Media honored with appointment to national board of the Alliance for Women in Media

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Carol Grothem of Compass Point Media honored with appointment to national board of the Alliance for Women in Media 

MINNEAPOLIS – The national chapter of the Alliance for Women in Media (AWM) recently appointed Carol Grothem, vice president, broadcast media at Compass Point Media (division of Campbell Mithun), to a two-year term on its national board of directors. 

Grothem, a member of the association for 15 years, served on the board of the local chapter for the past 10 years and also is its past president.  She also has received the Diamond Member of the Year award twice since the local chapter created the award six years ago.

Other members of the 19-member AWM national board represent organizations including Google, Discovery Communications, CBS Radio, CNN and other media-related legal and consulting service providers nationwide.  Grothem will be the only board member representing the advertising-agency industry.   Only one other person from the Twin Cities has served on AWF’s national board:  Norma Cox, national sales manager for Minnesota Public Radio.

The appointment acknowledges Grothem’s national leadership and visibility in the radio industry.  She gives credit to her own local mentors – Mary Murphy of Initio Advertising and Anne McKean, Martin Williams – for igniting her passion and drive for the media business.

The Alliance for Women in Media (formerly known as American Women in Radio & Television) celebrates its 59th anniversary in 2010 and is the longest established professional association dedicated to advancing women in media and entertainment.  

Campbell Mithun (www.campbell-mithun.com) and its media division Compass Point Media (www.compasspoint-media.com) together have nearly 250 employees committed to making Everything Talk for its clients’ brands at every point of consumer engagement.

Apr 06

Campbell Mithun wins 2010 Gold Ogilvy Award

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Gold Ogilvy awarded to Campbell Mithun along with client Pactiv and research-partner Millward Brown

Campbell Mithun is sole Twin Cities agency to receive a 2010 David Ogilvy Award

MINNEAPOLIS – An advertising campaign for kitchen trash bags brought treasure -- gold -- to agency Campbell Mithun, its client Pactiv (owners of the Hefty® brand), and research agency Millward Brown.

The campaign to introduce Hefty Tall Kitchen Bags with Unscented Odor Block® Technology received top honors in the Household Products category at the 2010 David Ogilvy Awards in New York.  The awards celebrate advertising campaigns that combine creative inspiration and research insight.  Campbell Mithun was the only Twin Cities agency honored with a 2010 Ogilvy by the Advertising Research Foundation.

“Research informed every stage of ad development and confirmed in-market business results,” said Steve Gordon, senior vice president at Campbell Mithun.  “People have strong feelings about smelly kitchen trash.  We listened and used our findings to build a campaign that resonated with consumers to launch this product.”

The research paid off:  Consumers identified with both the “stinky, stinky, stinky” horror of smelly garbage in “The Horror” and with the “wasting money stinks” premise of “Take it Out.”   And product sales?  Not stinky at all.  In fact, sales volume quickly met initial business goals, and tracking by Millward Brown showed strong gains for the Hefty brand on numerous key measures.

“We are very pleased in being recognized with this award,” said John Schwab, senior vice president and general manager, Pactiv Consumer Products Division.  “We have a long history of using market research to help guide our marketing and advertising decisions, and this award is confirmation that our rigorous approach to research is paying off.”

Lisle, Illinois-based Millward Brown, a global market-research agency, worked with Campbell Mithun and Pactiv to conduct the consumer research throughout the campaign. 

Campbell Mithun and Pactiv celebrated a 10-year relationship on April 1, which also was the agency’s 77th anniversary.   Campbell Mithun (www.campbell-mithun.com) has nearly 250 employees dedicated to making Everything Talk for its clients’ brands at every point of customer contact – even at the kitchen trash can.

Apr 05

Twin Cities Business April 2010- 200 Minnesotans You Should Know Features Steve Wehrenberg

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CLICK HERE: Twin Cities Business

Apr 01

Campbell Mithun launches new Everything Talks website on its 77th anniversary today

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Campbell Mithun launches new Everything Talks website on its 77th anniversary today

Agency to celebrate launch by hosting webcast “Talkinar” June 23rd.

MINNEAPOLIS – On its 77th anniversary today, April Fools’ Day, Campbell Mithun launched its new Everything Talks website, named after a phrase found in a 1956 document penned by founder Ray Mithun.  Even the website’s graphic theme reflects a “Cogwheel Marketing” diagram drawn by Mithun himself.

“Ray said that we ‘better help in every part of the communications job, because everything talks,’” said Steve Wehrenberg, Campbell Mithun’s chief executive officer.  “Today, even in this age of digital and interactive marketing, when we make Everything Talk for our clients’ brands, they experience marketplace success.”

The agency plans to host an industry dialogue to celebrate the website launch.  On June 23rd, Campbell Mithun will livestream a free interactive Talkinar featuring a panel of key marketing players discussing the topic:  “How do you tell your Brand Story in a 140-character world?”  Virtual attendees may submit questions/responses electronically to participate in the discussion of social media and branding.

April Fools’ Day Intro

An April Fools’ joke introduced the new website to agency employees.  The entire staff received an email from Wehrenberg entitled “Rebranding CM” which stated that to celebrate the agency’s 77th anniversary, “We’ve decided to flip our brand, and today announce our new name:  Mithun Campbell.  Ray Mithun deserves his rightful prominence, and this will also end the Campbell-agency confusion with our sister-IPG agency, Campbell Ewald.”  The email included a link to a new Mithun Campbell logo (a simple reversed treatment of the existing logo).

The caper reflects the culture of an agency founded on April Fools’ Day on the 13th “unlucky” floor of a building.  Founders decided then to “stare down conventional wisdom” to create a culture of courage that has continued to contribute to the agency’s three-quarter-century success.

Encouraging Industry Dialogue

The new Campbell Mithun website includes a “Conversations” section designed to encourage industry discourse on relevant topics.  Agency staffers will rotate authoring the blog to share insights/issues with the intent of sparking industry conversation.  Today’s entry is a welcome from Wehrenberg emphasizing the modern relevance of Mithun’s Everything Talks philosophy.

Campbell Mithun (www.campbell-mithun.com) and its media division Compass Point Media (www.compasspoint-media.com) together have nearly 250 employees committed to making Everything Talk for its clients’ brands at every point of consumer engagement.  No fooling.

Everything Talks